Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Lok Sabha Election 2024

Arrogant Samajwadi Party Crowns Awadhesh Prasad As King of Ayodhya?

The loss of Ayodhya has been haunting the BJP and its NDA Alliance since 4th June 2024. The Faizabad MP Awadhesh Prasad makes a...

Triumphant Narendra Modi Ignites a Spectacle of National Pride

In a dazzling display of leadership and national fervor, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ignited a fervent wave of ecstatic nationalism across India. The...

Congress Hits A Century By Backstabbing I.N.D.I.A!?!

In a sensational and ruthless display of political maneuvering, the Congress party has crossed the 100-seat mark in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. Thus,...

What Is Up With The Malfunctioning BJP IT Cell?!

The Election results came across. There was a wave of joy amongst INDI Alliance supporter cause even though they lost, they were happy to...

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