Thursday, July 18, 2024
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West Bengal Horror: BJP Supporting Muslim Woman Stripped And Assaulted

In West Bengal, the TMC is busy targeting Hindu street vendors and BJP offices under her tyrant bulldozer. Meanwhile, a Muslim woman faced Manipur-like...

Bhau Torsekar Vs. Shweta Shalini – A Political Firestorm in Maharashtra

The political scene in Maharashtra was rocked by a recent controversy regarding Bhau Torsekar. BJP's online warriors and on-ground Sena are picking sides in...

Legal Hindu Defence: The Shield Against Targeted Prosecution!

Legal Hindu Defence is the call of the hour and a much-needed shield in Bharat today. The BJP is actively supporting this pro-bono and...

What Is Up With The Malfunctioning BJP IT Cell?!

The Election results came across. There was a wave of joy amongst INDI Alliance supporter cause even though they lost, they were happy to...

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