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Unmasking Dhruv Rathee And His Latest Deceptive ‘Toolkit’ Narrative

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Dhruv Rathee is out with another propaganda-driven video! In his latest video, this YouTuber presents himself as a crusader of justice and nationalism. However, what he truly embarked on was a crusade against the BJP and PM Modi. The entire premise of the video is to prove that the BJP under Modi-Shah duo is steering Bharat towards electoral autocracy! However, a closer inspection reveals a web of misrepresentations, half-truths, and manipulations aimed at swaying public opinion. Let’s dissect Rathee’s narrative point by point to reveal the truth behind the veil of misinformation!

Dhruv Rathee – Misrepresents Scam and Arrest To Protect CM Kejriwal!

Rathee’s video begins with a gross misrepresentation of dates surrounding the scam and arrest involving Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. He presents a claim that CM Kejriwal was arrested in May 2024! How is that even possible? Anyway, let’s cut him some slack for the date of arrest and scam. After all, it is difficult to stick to truthful timelines to portray his skewed version of reality.

The ED has sent CM Kejriwal 9 summons and the Delhi HC thought their evidence was credible enough to warrant an arrest without bail!

His non-cooperation with the investigations ensures his extended Judicial Custody. However, Dhruv Rathee presents all of this as a misuse of ED by the BJP. Moreover, he blames PMLA and ‘jail is the norm’ under BJP to present a case for the plight of opposition leaders who were arrested for scams! However, anyone who follows the news of the scams is able to point out the flaws in his narrative. Thus, informed Bharat will be able to doubt the credibility of his argument with a clean conscience. 

Dhruv Rathee Suggests Judicial Bias To Project ‘Democratic Injustice’! 

Another particularly egregious claim made by Dhruv Rathee is against Kolkata HC Judge Ganguly. He insinuated a judicial bias by linking the judge’s resignation and subsequent affiliation with BJP. However, this narrative conveniently ignores the broader context. Justice Ganguly was a voice of truth against CM Mamata’s tyranny in West Bengal.

TMC leaders have publicly tried to defame and frame Justice Ganguly for handing out judgments not in favor of their supremo’s agenda.

Additionally, the Congress Leader from West Bengal Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury himself wanted Justice Ganguly to join the Congress party in the state. In fact, this Leader of the Opposition publicly promised to be first in line to vote for Justice Ganguly, should he choose Congress as his political platform! Then, why is truth-twister Rathee presenting this honest judge as a BJP stooge in the judicial system? Would he have targeted Justice Ganguly if he had accepted INC’s request to be their CM face?! This was Rathee’s attempt to wreck the reputation of a hard-working man just because he chose BJP over INC!!!

Truth-Twister Dhruv Rathee Thinks That Media Is Suppressed!

Who Is YouTuber Dhruv Rathee? Indian Creator's Net Worth Is Rs 27 crore, Takes Home Rs 48 Lakh Every Month
PC Free Press Journal

Firstly, let us acknowledge that despite his weekly videos against the BJP, Rathee’s channel continues to thrive. The video that this article debunks, garnered 65 lakh views in less than a day. Therefore, anti-Modi media content is definitely not silenced in Bharat! Talking about muzzled media, Rathee went after Shekhar Gupta of ‘The Print’. He poked fun at Shekhar Gupta to make a case that like a broken car is still broken even if the engine runs, the media is suppressed despite the loud anti-Modi propaganda they run! Everyone knows that ‘The Print’ sits in the anti-Modi camp. Moreover, they go after the BJP on a regular basis.

Now, Shekhar Gupta of ‘The Print’ himself publicly Debunks Rathee by stating that the media is not silenced and democracy is not derailed.

Therefore, it must mean that he feels no political suppression from the Union government. 

Is Modi a dictator? | Dhruv Rathee vs The World
PC YouTube @meghnerd

Rathee goes on to allege that Congress advertisements were suppressed by major media outlets. However, just today full page ads of INC stating ‘Haath Badalenga Halat’ are out! It seems his master forgot to tell him that one day after his video the INC’s ad will hit the newsstands. If the public refuses to patronize anit-Modi outfits, their choice should not be used to project media bias! Rathee’s selective presentation of information on media suppression should raise questions about the integrity of Rathee’s analysis. However, his half-truths do their damage before anyone realizes a gap in their logic! 

Dhruv Thinks INC’s Frozen Accounts Is A Sign Of Dictatorship!

Dhruv Rathee’s latest video mischaracterizes Congress’ frozen accounts as an act of dictatorship by the PM Modi-led BJP government. However, he quotes only ‘toolkit’ approved media houses to present this narrative. He forgets that INC’s trouble with the IT department began many years ago.

In fact, the courts themselves legitimized the concerns raised by the tax department regarding unaccounted transactions in INC’s accounts.

However, by painting a simplistic picture of complex financial issues, Rathee undermines the faith of the public in the IT department, the Union government, and the House of the Judiciary. It seems that Rathee’s master is desperate to sway public opinion before the 2024 elections to hide their ‘kali kartoot’!

Rathee Misrepresents PMLA To Defend Accused AAP Leaders!

Amendments to PMLA rules and its impact on 'politically exposed persons', NGOs - INSIGHTSIAS - Simplifying UPSC IAS Exam Preparation

Dhruv Rathee left no stone unturned to go all out in favor of the ‘Toolkit’ AAP leaders. His defense of the accused AAP leaders, implicated in the Delhi Liquor Scam, pivots on the public perception of PMLA! Thus, let’s debunk his theory of how PMLA is a weapon in the hands of the BJP to suppress the voice of the opposition.

PMLA is the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. It came into being in 2002 under the UPA. The act is meant to counter any and all attempts to undermine the economy of Bharat via money laundering. The BJP introduced a small amendment to the PMLA in 2018.

As per the 2018 PMLA amendment the court will look at the evidence against an accused before choosing to grant them bail.

In AAP supremo CM Kejriwal’s case, the Delhi HC looked at the evidence at hand and decided to reject interim bail. All other AAP leaders also have incriminating evidence against them. Thus, the court keeps refusing them bail. This fact is however hidden by Rathee. Therefore, his selective framing of legal proceedings should erode his credibility and argument!

Paying Homage To ‘Parivaar’ – Selective Citation RaGa’s Disqualifications

Rahul Gandhi disqualified as Lok Sabha MP; BJP leaders call it 'Good message for country'
PC Free Press Journal

Rathee selectively and subtly cites Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as an MP as a point against PM Modi. However, he forgets that RaGa was given his date in court to prove that his remarks against the OBC community were innocent. The case was lost by RaGa and his lawyers. Before he was penalized with disqualification, RaGa was given a chance to apologize to escape the criminal consequences of the case. However, Rahul Gandhi refused to apologize and accept his error.

As a repeat offender, the Gujarat court gave him the maximum punishment applicable to make him aware of his bad behavior.

Consequently, RaGa is only able to contest this year as an MP due to the ‘meherbani’ of the SC. Rahul Gandhi begged the top court to save his political career and his punishment was stayed by the SC to give him a chance at redemption. However, Rathee’s one-sided portrayal of the event seeks to discredit the BJP. 

Scared Rathee Mischaracterizing Regulatory Measures?

New broadcast bill may also cover those who put up news content online | Latest News India - Hindustan Times
PC Hindustan Times

Rathee took a minute in his latest video to mischaracterize the IT Broadcaster Act. In his view, this is a draconian law to silence the voice of independent content creators. However, in his attempt to use a victim card, Dhruv ignores that the law intends to bring order to the booming social media and online content industry.

The IT Broadcaster Act is actually the Broadcasting Services Regulation Bill of 2023. This Bill seeks to replace the older Cable Television Networks Regulation Act of 1995.

As a potential global content creator industry, Bharat needs to broaden its regulatory framework to include OTT, social media, and digital platforms in all forms.

However, ‘chor ki dadhi me tinka’ Rathee finds this attempt at regulation as an act of suppression! Should Bharat continue to let OTT platforms like the ULLU app and ALT Balaji run without any checks? Should large-scale misinformation campaigns not be held accountable? His distortion of regulatory measures serves to show how scared he is of losing his income from spreading half-truths!? Therefore, he chooses to sow distrust in the Bill to confuse his viewers and the public.

Choose Full Disclosure To Dhruv’s Cherry-Picked Half-Truths

All of the above proves that Rathee cherry-picks data and information to present his version of reality to the viewers. From inflation to unemployment rates, all get a twist to fit his narrative. As an honest ‘Toolkit’, he only prefers to use ‘toolkit’ approved data to misinterpret statistics to paint a bleak picture of the Indian economy. Consequently, his selective use of data perpetuates a sense of doom and gloom among his viewers.

Is he aware that while he Cherry-picks his truth his videos spread undue fear among Indians? 

Does he even care about his fear mongering habits sitting safe in germany?

Dhruv Rathee‘s video represents a prime example of propaganda masquerading as informed analysis. By distorting facts, misrepresenting events, and manipulating data, Rathee advances his predetermined narrative aimed at influencing public opinion against the BJP and PM Modi. However, a critical examination reveals many flaws in his flimsy arguments. Hopefully, the youth is not blinded by his insidious agenda. As discerning citizens, Bharat’s netizens must remain vigilant against such deceptive tactics. Twisting truths is profitable to Rathee and no one else. Let’s all seek out the whole truth for ourselves before we believe the propaganda presented by ‘Toolkit’ Specialist – Dhruv Rathee.

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