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TIME Magazine Rewards Dhruv Rathee ‘The Truth Twister’

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In an unsurprising move, Time magazine has chosen Dhruv Rathee as one of the ‘Next Generation Leaders’ for the year 2023. Dhruv Rathee, a Germany-based YouTuber, is known for his anti-Hindu and anti-India online conversations and content. The rewards of recognition by Western media are always given to those who deface Bharat at an international level. Let’s uncover the reality beneath the surface of this recognition by the West.

From Travel Blogger to Fake ‘Fact-Checker’

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Dhruv Rathee embarked on his journey of content creation back in 2014. He initially presented his travel blog on YouTube. However, he soon transitioned into a fact-checker for Indians. He projected himself as a source of reliable information. Rathee was keen to ‘Teach’ Indians to use the internet wisely and not believe in propaganda. He has slowly built up a solid 13 million subscriber base. Approximately 500 videos are dedicated by Rathee to his attempts to downgrade Vedic Knowledge, Hindu Scriptures, PM Modi, and the Might of Bharat. 

Rathee’s Questionable Agenda

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While Rathee may tout himself as a Fact-Check, many critique his questionable take on Hinduism and views on Bharat. His content is anything but impartial. He is a typically ‘WOKE’ Indian who married his Christian girlfriend in a White Wedding in 2021. This 28-year-old also presented a Hindu Wedding to his subscribers 1 year later.

It could have been a personal choice but looked more like a publicity stunt to reaffirm the beliefs of his primary WOKE viewer base.

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His questionable content is a concern for Bharat with its consistent propagation and affirmation of Western narratives. He often pseudo-fact-checks Indian content by presenting half-truths and misinformation that are at odds with the core values of India. He loves to downplay or outright dismiss the achievements and contributions of Vedic culture and society. Dhruv Rathee often uses selective facts and figures to present Indians as gullible snake charmers who believe stories and myths as history. However, his selective approach to data has never raised concerns in the West on credibility and integrity. Contrarily, his pro-West agenda has gained him the latest recognition by TIME.

West Rewards Rathee: A Suppression Tactics Against Bharat

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Dhruv Rathee’s recognition as a ‘Next Generation Leader 2023’ by Time magazine raises many important questions. The Western media uplifts those who play the game according to their rules. Rathee’s role in shaping global perceptions of India is controversial from an Indian perspective. By elevating Social Media influencers like Rathee, who are undermining India’s achievements and history, the West inadvertently tries to suppress Bharat from claiming its place on the world stage.

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Dhruv Rathee’s rise to prominence and recognition as TIME’s ‘Next Generation Leader 2023’ is unexpected yet unsurprising. The recognition from Time magazine is a clear indication of how they want to perceive Bharat. However, his content has garnered millions of followers by him being a king of ‘Twisting the Truth’. Thus, rewarding this almost-Hindu anti-India content creator shows how the West is ready to encourage individuals who speak against the Indian government and are not aligned with the values of Bharat.

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