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PM Modi’s Conversation With Bill Gates

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Recently, PM Narendra Modi engaged in a candid conversation with Microsoft owner and Philanthropist Bill Gates. They talked about a wide range of issues ranging from health, education, agriculture to technology and climate change. The leaders discussed the latest technological advancements and how to utilize them.

From “Aai” To A.I-

Both leaders also discussed about AI. Prime Minister Modi PM Modi underscored the intrinsic link between A.I and everyday life. He humorously drew a parallel between that child’s first word “Aai” and A.I.  Furthermore, he highlighted how India used A.I during G20 to overcome the language barrier. During G20, the Indian drivers had used A.I powered G20 App because of which they could easily converse with delegates in their languages. He gave another example of A.I’s positive use via NaMo App, which automatically generates selfie with him.

PM Modi further highlighted that his main priority is health, education and agriculture and how he’s been using technology to improve governance. For better healthcare facilities the government of India has established 2 Lakh Arogya Mandir. He stated that his aim is to use technology to not only improve services but also to improve ease of living. In other to explain this he gave the example of the pandemic times. During COVID times, people used the COWIN App to obtain vaccination certificates, thereby reducing paperwork and minimizing physical contact. He also highlighted the transformative Namo Drone Didi program, which will not only empower women but will also modernise agriculture.

PM Modi pointed out in India, women are more receptive to embracing new technology. “The ‘Namo Drone Didi’ initiative that I established is operating really well. I interact with them these days and they are delighted.”

“They say that they didn’t know to ride a bicycle but they are now pilots and can fly drones. The mentality has evolved.”

Furthermore, he delved into India’s strategic focus on A.I and how the government intends to increase budgetary allocation in its research and development. The recent approval of Mission A.I, intends to create a robust A.I ecosystem promoting innovation and inclusive development.

Deepfake and Data Privacy-

Bill gates lauding India’s technological advancements also acknowledged A.I presents itself with both opportunities and challenges. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised on India’s cautious approach to embracing artificial intelligence. He acknowledged that while it presents itself with huge opportunities one must develop a regulatory framework. Prior to offering access to AI technologies, he emphasised the significance of providing appropriate training.
He said, “In a democratic country like India, anybody can use Deepfake. It’s crucial to acknowledge that Deepfake content is AI-generated. We need to think about some dos and don’ts.” He suggested developing clear guidelines to distinguish between real and fake content for example using watermarks.
Coming to the topic of Data privacy, PM Modi said that people should be informed about their data usage. He said monetisation of data can be allowed but only after seeking prior consent and via an agreement. Overall priority should be given on consent and to research use of data.

Climate Change-

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the significance of developing an idea of Green GDP. He stressed that countries should assess how much of their GDP comes from environment friendly practices.

Highlighting how India has fast-tracked renewable energy he gave the example of solar energy and hydrogen power. He highlighted the launch of hydrogen powered boat in Tamil Nadu.

When Bill Gates asked him whether he believes that green approach can be made cheaper for easy adoption. PM Modi proposed a two front strategy. He said that on one hand his government is investing to boost research and innovation. For example, India has established a one crore corpus to boost technological innovation in sunrise sector. On the other hand, focus should be on lifestyle changes. PM Modi highlighted Mission Life which has been launched for faster adoption of climate friendly lifestyle practices.

Bill Gates praised India and said that the country has a “Digital Government”. He said, “India is not only adapting technology but it is actually leading the way.”

Vocal For Local Hamper-

Modi’s Vocal For Local Hamper

At the end of their candid conversation PM Modi gifted a “Vocal for Local” gift hamper to Bill Gates. While gifting the hamper PM Modi said, “Currently, I am championing the ‘Vocal for Local’ movement along with the ‘One District, One Product’ initiative to promote local specialties. When I travel abroad and present these district-specific items, the local people feel a sense of pride.”

The hamper contained pearls and terracotta statues- a miniature work of art representing India’s vibrant culture from Tamil Nadu, Pashmina shawl and saffron from Kashmir, as well as Darjeeling tea and Nilgiri tea.


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