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Namaz In Gurudwara: Secularism Rots Sikhism?

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Secularism is a unique weapon that allows Islamists entry into sacred Sanatani places of worship! A video and TOI article shows how Namaz was held inside the Gurudwara along with ‘Paath’. Does this act of secularism symbolizes the deep rot in the Sikh community under attack by Khalistanis and SGPC?

Allegedly, this act was aimed at fostering communal harmony among Sikhs and Muslims of Kalian, Malerkotla of Punjab. However, many argue against this crime of appeasement disguised as secularism. The act itself undermines the sacrifices made by Sikh Gurus and ancestors to safeguard their Sikhism against Islamic invasions and oppression. Let’s discuss how secularism is eroding the fabric of Sanatani identity in the faiths of Bharat!

Secularism Blurs Boundaries Of Reason?

The Sikh community has a rich history of valor. The biggest tragedy that struck their Gurus was the execution of the four Sahibzade of Guru Gobind Singh. These young brave sons of Punjab chose martyrdom over Islam! The Sikhs of that era knew that they were Hindus at heart. They followed the rules and practices set by their 10 Gurus. However, the ‘Ik Omkar’ before every Sikh prayer marked their origins from Sanatana Dharma. The Chandi Paath in Nanded and the Shakti Puja before every war show the deep Sanatani roots of Sikhism!

Mughal India ~ The Biggest Holocaust in World History | SikhNet
PC SikhNet

Yet, in a perplexing turn of events, some Sikhs seem to have forgotten these sacrifices. They are now embracing secular practices that blur the boundaries of reason!

Communal harmony between Sikhism and Islam comes at the cost of Sikh pride.

Oh, how the Gurus would have cried if they saw how Sikhs allowed Namaz in a Gurdwara?! What would they say when Sikhs seek to distance themselves from the very Hindus their Gurus took up arms to protect? Will their Sikh ancestors be proud of the anti-Hindu and anti-Sanatana hate spreading in this community? Will they be happy to see Sikhs stake their Gurudwaras on the spear of communal harmony?  

The Venom of Secularism in Bharat

The 10 Shades of Indian Pseudo-Secularism | Sanskriti - Hinduism and Indian Culture Website
PC Sanskriti Magazine

This trend of appeasement is not limited to Punjab and Sikhs. Many community leaders are using the cloak of secularism to undermine Sanatani identity. Modern Sanatanis are repeatedly brainwashed to accept interference in their festivals, rituals, places of worship, and religious beliefs. Any act of rejection gets marked as orthodox, Brahmanical, or Islamophobia!

The knives of secularism and communal harmony are repeatedly stabbed into Sanatani’s heart to appease the Islamists’ need for dominance.

Muslims freely chant Ram Naam, but never in their Mosques or Mazars. This double standard is to be respected for peace with Bharat’s second-largest majority. However, Namaz in Gurudwaras will be an act of communal harmony! Why? Because a Sanatni gave way to a Muslim? 

Save Sikhs From Communal Harmony?

Punjab: 'Paath', namaz held together in gurdwara
PC Times of India

Sikhs are being indoctrinated to reject their connection to Sanatana Dharma. Instead, they are being asked to align themselves with extremist Khalistani ideologies that want to join Sharia-loving Pakistan! This shift, disguised as a choice, is a systematic political move of extremists and Khalistani terrorists. They implant acceptance of Islam over Sanatana Dharma. Thereby, they effectively cut off the emotional links of Sikhs with Bharat’s Hindu community.

The Namaz in a Gurudwara may seem like an innocent act of communal harmony.

However, it is a symptom of silent poisoning in Punjab.

If left unchecked by the elders and wise of the Sikh community, such acts will destroy the integrity of the entire community. Tolerance and mutual respect should not come at the cost of religious identity. May the Sikhs of Punjab learn this lesson soon. Let secularism not extract the cost of religion in Bharat. Heritage, faith, and pride must not be the cost of communal harmony. True communal peace can only be achieved when ‘peacefuls’ understand that respect is first given and then expected. Taking goodwill without reciprocation compromises the core tenets of secularism.

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