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MHA’s Big Blow to Conversion Mafia: Jesus Redeems FCRA License Suspended

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MHA takes action against conversion mafia, Tamil Nadu Jesus Redeems’s license suspended! In a bold move against rampant conversion mafia, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) suspended the FCRA license of this Christian missionary outfit. Jesus Redeems, operating from Tamil Nadu, was led by Mohan C Lazarus. Why was its license taken away? A complaint by the Legal Rights Protection Forum called attention to serious violations of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) norms. Let’s discuss this big blow to conversion enthusiasts!

Jesus Redeems: Background, Anti-Hindu Sentiments, and Legal Issues

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Mohan C Lazarus ran Jesus Redeems like a well-oiled Christian conversion machine! This man was known for his inflammatory anti-Hindu rhetoric in public events. His organization actively engaged in conversion and religious proselytization. Additionally, he used his organization to invite pastors from abroad and engaged in questionable Christian conversion activities!

Reports state that multiple FIRs have been filed against him for his provocative speeches targeting Hindu temples and deities.

Here's India's new 'Zakir Naik'! 'Hate preacher' Mohan C Lazarus calls temples 'houses of Satan'; FIR filed | India News
PC Times Now

The Regional Passport officer refused to issue him a new passport as he deliberately lied about the pending cases in the application. This was a serious violation of Passport norms. In 2021, the Madras High Court admonished Lazarus for his reckless statements against Hindus. Despite legal battles, Lazarus managed to assert his ‘Right to Travel.’ However, the LRPF flagged his disturbing history of communal disruption and proselytization activities.

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FCRA Violations, Foreign Funds, and NGO Nexus

Jesus Redeems Youth Ministries
PC YouTube @Jesus Redeems Youth Ministries

Allegedly, ‘Jesus Redeems‘ received significant foreign contributions. Thereby, violating many FCRA rules in the bargain. Additionally, between 2009 to 2015 Compassion International (USA) funneled its funds through Caruna Bal Vikas to Jesus Redeems. The astonishing sum totaled over ₹1.5 crores and was disguised as “Welfare of Children”! In 2014, Compassion International began to directly donate to Jesus Redeems FCRA-designated bank account. 

In 2017, Bharat banned Compassion International due to child conversion controversies.

Unsurprisingly, this organization raised funds through child-sponsoring schemes in India and abroad!

In 2020 a complaint by FCRA stated that Caruna Bal Vikas’s publicly acclaimed mission was to convert poor children and make them ‘fulfilled’ adult Christians!!   

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Compassion – Green Valley Church
PC Green Valley Church

Additionally, connections with Chinese entities raise concerns about foreign influence on Indian soil. Foreign contributions from Nigeria’s DANGOTE Group also raise alarm. This organization is owned by the PRC itself. The company’s Chinese connection linked Jesus Redeems to NewsClick. Do all these signs point to external influence aiming at creating disharmony in Bharat? Who knows how far this Christian religious organization was propagating the Chinese agenda in Bharat?! 

Combating Conversion and Protecting National Interests

Conversion mafia: How rural hamlets are stripped of their Hindu faith and converted to Christianity
PC OpIndia

The suspension of the FCRA license of Jesus Redeems marks an important step in curbing conversion mafia activities in Bharat. The government has been taking cognizance of many such conversion enthusiast entities that harm India’s integrity and harmony. Foreign funding, non-compliance with FCRA norms, and anti-Hindu sentiments are the bottom line for Bharat as stated by HM Amit Shah.

Although there is a crackdown on proselytization, Bharat needs to understand the need for stringent action against entities that use nefarious means.

Thus, this action by MHA sends a clear message:

India will not tolerate activities that threaten communal harmony or compromise national security.

However, still many conversion outfits continue to harvest souls from Bharat. They remain unafraid under the protection of ‘sickular’ state governments! Thankfully, a strong pro-Hindu government is taking note of such activities. Thus, let’s hope many more such harmful weed-like organizations are uprooted soon from our Bharat Mata’s soil

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