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Bharatpur Conversion Racket: Pastor Bajinder Singh And His Italian Connection 

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Reports of Bharatpur Conversion Racket have shocked the nation! Rajasthan stands shaken by the Italian connection to this massive Christian conversion racket orchestrated by Pastor Bajinder Singh and his henchmen. The elaborate scheme came to light when VHP activists exposed the Pastor for promising financial incentives and fraudulent miraculous healings as part of the miracle of Christ in India!! Let’s discuss this heinous evangelist racket that has ensnared thousands of vulnerable Hindus of Rajasthan.

Exposing The Network of Conversion in Bharatpur

Reports state that a conversion racket came to light on 11th February 2024 in Bharatpur.

Evangelists and missionaries attempted to convert approximately 400 people to Christianity at a private hotel in Bharatpur.

Reports state that these people have already converted 20,000 Hindus in the state. VHP activists lodged a complaint against the event organizers of this conversion racket with the authorities. The police intervention exposed this racket leading to the arrest of two evangelists and eight hardcore followers who were involved in this illegal activity.

Spearheaded by Pastor Bajinder Singh, Christian miscreants preyed on the poverty-stricken local populace in Bharatpur. They organized several prayer meetings where material benefits enticed Hindus to accept Christianity. The benefits included monetary aid as well as direct bank account deposits. Pastor Singh’s network lured unsuspecting Hindus into leaving the faith of their birth for short-term monetary gains or fake miraculous cures to illness. The conversion racket turned into a large-scale operation with a reach of thousands who fell victim to their religious conversion trap. 

Pastor Bajinder Singh’s Criminal Past and Ongoing Exploits

राजस्थान में 20000 हिन्दुओं का ईसाई धर्मांतरण, कार्यक्रम में लाइव जुड़ा था पादरी बजिंदर सिंह | Christian religious conversion in Rajasthan's Bharatpur, Prophet Bajinder Singh was ...
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Pastor Bajinder Singh is known for his controversial ‘changai meetings’ and fake miraculous healings. He has a checkered history filled to the brim with criminal accusations. He was born to a Jat family in Haryana. Reports state that he began his journey into Christianity after meeting a pastor while incarcerated on charges of murder. Soon he began his own Sunday meeting where he performed the fraud of ‘miraculous healing’! 

Bajinder Singh’s Past Is Filled With Criminal Accusations, including an arrest for a rape case in Punjab, extortion, And Fraud.

However, this self-proclaimed ‘Prophet’ continues to operate with impunity. Until recently, he manipulated and deceived vulnerable Hindus to convert to Christianity without any intervention from authorities. Reports state that he is wanted for extortion and fraudulent activities, like taking money from parents to resurrect their dead child or forceful conversion against the individual’s will. However, despite the tarnished reputation, Singh persists in his pursuit of power and influence via Evangelist Conversion Rackets

The Aftermath And Italian Connection

How Mizoram went on to became one of the most important centres of Christianity in the world!
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As the police delve deeper into the Bharatpur conversion racket, the name of an Italian organization has surfaced.

Reports show that an Italian organization named Labhana Ministry was allegedly sponsoring many such conversion rackets run by Christian missionaries in India.

Their targeted the poor and weak using enticements like bribes and inducements to embrace Christianity.

One of the arrested pastor in Bharatpur conversion racket case (Image Source: NDTV Hindi)
PC Organizer : An Accomplice Pastor Arrested In Bharatpur

Allegedly, this Italian organization’s sister concern assisted Pastor Bajinder Singh’s operations. The authorities have taken Singh’s accomplices and others linked to his conversion network in Rajasthan into custody. Their investigations reveal links to similar rackets in Uttar Pradesh, Haryan, and Punjab. Therefore, an SIT will investigate this large-scale interstate conversion scam. The extent of the nefarious activities orchestrated by Singh underscores the need for swift and decisive action. Reports show that similar activities were being orchestrated for rampant and unchecked  Christian conversion in all corners of Rajasthan! Places like Kanjoli, Gundwa, Bajhera, Noh Bahamdi, Bahnera, etc. were also afflicted by this conversion mania.

These revelations shed light on the unchecked religious exploitation and manipulation in CON party states. While calls for justice and accountability reverberate through Bharatpur, Bharat remains stunned at the large and systematic conversion network the arrests have exposed. Residents of Bharatpur demand a thorough investigation and prosecution of responsible evangelists and missionaries who prey on vulnerable Hindus.

Lessons To The Wise

Only one thing that remains clear in the aftermath of the Bharatpur conversion saga: Pastors like Bajinder Singh exploit naive and innocent Hindus to serve their nefarious goals. Furthermore, the vast number of police complaints against Singh and his cohorts showcases that individuals partaking in such rackets usually have deep criminal roots. Thus, the Bharatpur incident is a reminder of the dangers of unchecked religious exploitation in the nation. 

May the government take note of the urgent need to curb such illegal and fraudulent activities. Vulnerable Hindus need protection from conversion wolves in sheep’s skin. Hopefully, the news of Singh’s arrest will put others like him on the back foot. Therefore, the need of the hour is for the government to stop such gangs from preying on underprivileged sections of Bharat! Let’s pray the authorities, activists, and the government soon arrest and convict conversion enthusiasts like Singh! Let these conversion specialists understand that Bharat is no longer their playground for religious exploitation! 

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