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Leave the Hindu Deities Alone!

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We are living in a world where each day some silly media outlet raises their head. Then they proceed to vomit utter nonsense. Why? Because their fundings are promoting them to propagate this kind of data and entrench it in the minds of the gullible. This hosh posh is another attempt to put out the story that the Hindu Deities are not as Indic as they are portrayed. In fact they derive their origins from the Central Asian figures who were blown by the “imagination” of the rulers of the Indian subcontinent. These figures are what represent our Indian Deities according to these so called historians!

Why is the Grandeur of Hinduism Questioned Time and Again?

It really does not come across as a surprising fact. Given the resources that these media outlets have and their origins of funding, it seems but natural for them to go in this direction.

The magnanimity of Lord Shiva is brought down as the “imaginations of Central Asian rulers” who shaped the deity from Hellenic and Iranian figures. The Hellenic “inspiration” comes across apparently because Lord Shiva is represented as a well built, muscular deity. God help us if such a deity represents Hinduism.

Given the mindsets and funding pockets of the Left, Lord Shiva is the deity associated with intoxicants of every sort. Social media platform Instagram once represented a GIF of Lord Shiva holding a wine glass!

This is how narratives are trickled down to deeply impact the individuals of their religious identity. It seems like a harmless graphic. Look closer and you will see the demeaning propaganda in front of you.

Left vs Hinduism

The Left cabal is very particular about idolatry. However, it is only when it refers to the Hindu influences. That makes sense also. Regimes have come and fallen. But Sanatana has survived through them. The Left or rather their funding lords see the might of Hinduism and are haunted by it.

They have tried force and failed. So naturally, now they are and will continue to attack the minds and influence symbolisms among the youth. The nonsense that is published on a daily basis and their targets are the youth. The reason is quite simple. To change any course of narrative, it is better to mould the minds that are still forming opinions. Demean their identity and make them question it for optimum results!

Awareness and Shatrubodh

The best course of action against such low stream of propaganda is awareness. Not only about one’s identity, religion and culture but also about the shifting scenarios of the environment around. When an information is fed to the masses, look for their sources and their associations. That is your answer to the reliability of the information.

The general pattern represents very anti Hindu views from specific publications and outlets. These views are demeaning written under the garb of “historians”.

To better understand these “historians” and their functions, Shatrubodh is of importance. Once you know how your enemy moves, you will be better prepared to counter and deflect their attempts!


The bought media cannot hold the candle to our Deities but they certainly love to malign them. Let not this hogwash media gain the traction that they are so desperately trying to gather. However, we must uphold ourselves for our Dharma and become enlightened warriors of Hinduism, not only physically but also spiritually and intellectually.

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