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Jobs And Rewards For The Slap-Happy CISF Constable

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Vishal Dadlani is enjoying a hate-fest on social media. Why? He has offered to employ Kulwinder Kaur. Who is that? Well, Kaur the CISF constable who slapped Mandi’s newly elected MP, Kangana Ranaut during security check at Chandigarh airport. The actor-turned-politician was vocal about her disdain for the woman who participated in the farmers’ protest.

The CISF has suspended the constable and an internal inquiry on the viral incident is in progress. Currently, Constable Kaur is under arrest by the police. The incident has spiraled into a vile social media deluge of hateful comments. Let’s talk of two Le-Li gang members who are leading the whirlwind of reactions online!

Social Media Reactions: A Divided Nation

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Social media is in an uproar. Congress hate hags and hate-mongers are reveling in Kangana’s public humiliation. Moreover, the SGPC and Kahlistani voiced hailing the constable as a “Sherni ” and expressing vile delight at Kangana Ranaut’s public embarrassment. Supporters of the incarcerated Khalistani terrorist and newly elected MP from Khadur Sahib, Amritpal Singh, have expressed support for the constable.

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While Congress supporters are celebrating the slap, the Khalistani supporters are crowdfunding the constable. The small yet public slap has empowered them to spew hatred against an elected MP. The impact of public support has emboldened the suspended constable to state that she would give up thousands of such jobs to avenge the insults at the farmers’ protest, in which her mother was an active participant. She may very well become the next MLA/MP in Punjab!

Vishal Dadlani’s Controversial Offer

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In a controversial move, Bollywood’s Vishal Dadlani has offered to give this soon-to-be-ex Constable Kaur a job after her legal troubles are over. The comment has stirred up a storm on X! The netizens went to work. They unearthed his earlier violent statements against BJP MPs to showcase his bias. And they have rediscovered his affiliation with AAP.

Thus, the job offer has fanned the flames of social media public opinion, who have painted it correctly as the AAP’s indirect support of anti-social elements. The absolute silence of Bollywood stars on the incident speaks volumes. And has-been like Swara Bhaskar is ensuring that the people continue to celebrate Kulwinder Kaur as a modern female role model! Does Vishal Dadlani know he is sending a message that negates the sanctity of duty and professionalism in uniformed services? Does he care that his comment will ensure that more Kulwinder Kaurs are born in the nation?

Shabana Azmi’s Unexpected Stand

Amid this frenzy, an unexpected voice in Bollywood has emerged in support of Kangana —Shabana Azmi. Known for her often divergent views that sicken the right wing, Shabana Azmi stated that while she is neither a fan nor a friend of Kangana, she believes that an on-duty personnel, charged with public security, should not have resorted to violence to express personal opinions. This stance has surprised many rational thinkers who rarely, if ever, find themselves aligned with Azmi on any issue!!

The Duty of the Uniformed

While many have made it a Kangana Ranaut vs. Left Wing war, the central issue is the Duty Of A Uniformed Personnel! The argument here transcends personal grudges or political disagreements. When someone dons a uniform, they shed personal views and biases.

Their duty becomes their Dharma, and serving the nation becomes their Karma.

The CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur’s actions were a grave breach of this principle.

The slap that did not physically harm Kangana Ranaut caused deeper damage. It has symbolically hurt all Sikh personnel who wear the uniform and swear to protect the nation. Sikhs in service to the nation are deeply wounded by the distrust this action now casts upon them. One individual’s inability to separate personal grudges from professional duty has placed an entire community in the sphere of doubt.

The most probable outcome is that Kulwinder Kaur will lose her job. Additionally, she may also face criminal charges for assaulting someone while on duty. However, imagine a Bharat where every security person brings their personal grievances to work. Would the internal and external security of the nation remain intact? Would Vishal Dadlani feel safe in India if a uniformed officer, swayed by personal biases, failed to uphold the wall of law and order?

A Call for Rationality

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The incident calls for a moment of reflection. The uniform represents a commitment to neutrality and protection of all citizens. Any deviation from this principle undermines the very fabric of national security.

Those in uniform must maintain their professional integrity, ensuring that personal biases do not interfere with their duty.

Thus, while social media revels in hate speech, the broader implications of such incidents must not be ignored. The integrity of our security forces is paramount, and any breach of this integrity must be addressed with the seriousness it deserves. The nation’s security and the public’s trust in uniformed personnel depend on it. This slap was cast on Kangana Ranaut but it has the power to hurt all those who depend on security personnel to feel safe and secure!

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