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Jharkhand High Court Orders Crackdown on Bangladeshi ‘Ghupethiye’ and Conversions!

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The Jharkhand High Court recently issued a powerful order to identify and expel illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. Justice Sujit Narayan Prasad and Justice AK Rai delivered this judgment on 3rd July 2024, responding to a petition by Daniel Danish. The petition revealed a disturbing trend regarding the exploitation of ST community girls!

Banned organizations from Bangladesh are converting Scheduled Tribe ST girls into Islam. The modus operandi is the Love Jihad, i.e. deceitful marriages in regions like Santhal Pargana, near the Bangladesh border. Let’s explore!

A Surge In Anti-National Activities In Jharkhand

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Santhal Pargana has seen a sudden rise in the number of madrasas. Reports speak of 46 new madrassas in the region that engage in anti-national activities. The sudden surge in numbers is attributed to the increase in ‘Ghuspethiye’ or infiltrators from Bangladesh. These intruders not only exploit local females but also occupy land illegally.

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The ‘peaceful’ intruders lure ST girls into conversion via Love Jihad. Thereafter, they gain access to Indian ID cards through this marriage. Reports also speak of how these infiltrators use the system to hold constitutional posts and engage in Land Jihad activites.   

The situation is so urgent that the Jharkhand HC has given the state government less than two weeks.

The government needs to report on the number of identified infiltrators, those stopped, and those deported.

The court emphasized that the issue is too grave for state governments to handle alone. Thus, it directed the central government to collaborate with the state to tackle this menace. During the hearing, the central government informed the court that all state governments now have the authority to detect and take action against infiltrators or ‘Ghuspethiye’. This freedom of action is a consequence of Modi administration policy. Yet, the media and the opposition call PM Modi a dictator!

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Reports state that Deputy Commissioners of Deoghar, Pakur, Dumka, Sahebgunj, Godda, and Jamtara have been ordered to create action plans to prevent further infiltration. The Chief Secretary shall coordinate with district officials to ensure effective implementation. The bench highlighted that illegal immigrants are exploiting state resources and this must end immediately!

‘Ghuspethiye’ – A National Crisis

The petitioner accused the state government of denying or ignoring the reality of illegal infiltration. The rampant conversions in Santhal Pargana were played down by the state elements. Thus, he urged the central government to intervene in the matter. Thankfully, the Jharkhand HC agrees with this demand. The court states that illegal immigration impacts the entire nation. Like the Allahabad HC, it warns that the demographic changes in Santhal Pargana could severely affect the tribal population.

This issue isn’t isolated to Jharkhand.

Similar conversions and deliberate demographic changes are part of the narrative in all border states.

Most border state governments are unable or unwilling to tackle the menace. The Rohingya and Bangladeshi ‘Ghuspethiye’ do not just rob Indians of resources, they also engage in active religious conversions. Thus, it is obvious that Population Jihad is a multifold attack on the Atman of Bharat! Firstly, the ‘peacefuls’ are breeding Sanatanis out of existence. And secondly, they are ensuring that Bharat’s Sanatani population is converted through Love Jihad! And lastly, Indian ‘peacefuls’ help these ‘Ghuspethiye’ to settle into Bharat to change the fabric of Indian society from the grassroots!

Thus, it is no surprise that even the Judges are warning that unchecked conversions or infiltrations could turn Bharat’s majority into a minority.

In Conclusion

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The Jharkhand High Court’s order is a critical step in addressing the infiltration and illegal activities of Bangladeshi immigrants. This decisive action underscores the need for a united effort between the central and state governments to protect India’s sovereignty and social fabric. The next hearing, scheduled for July 18th, will be crucial in assessing the progress and enforcing accountability.

These cases show that Hindus need to stand together in unity. As their civilizational existence shall be wiped out by the various forms of Jihad! Ghazwa-e-Hind is not just about attacking Bharat’s borders and claiming the land. It is also about imploding Sanatani society in other ways. Love Jihad, Land Jihad, Population Jihad, etc. are ways to wear down the Sanatani population of Bharat. Therefore, the Hindus need to forget their differences in the name of caste or creed. Only a united Hindu front will ensure the security of Sanatana Dharma against these threats. These verdicts from the courts ask the Sleeping Sanatnis to wake up to the evident existential crisis they face every day! 

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