Wednesday, July 24, 2024

‘Peaceful’ Vs Muslim: Assam Police Arrests Radical Islamist Preacher

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Assam Police arrested Radical Islamist Preacher Mufti Mukhibur Rahman Azhari on 2nd July 2024. His crimes were inflammatory statements against the authorities and threatening a Rational Islamic Preacher.

Darrang district police apprehended Mufti Azhari on orders from DGP G P Singh after his provocative video went viral on social media. In the video, Azhari demanded violent protests against the Lakhimpur police station, its superintendent, and Mustafa Kamal’s home. Let’s talk! 

Assam Police Protect Islamic Preacher From Islamist Preacher!

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Mufti Azhari planned a ‘Gherao’ or encirclement of the Lakhimpur Police Station. These actions were planned for the 6th of July 2024. Mufti Azhari threatened the police with large agitations to disrupt daily life in the state between 6-10 July 2024. Authorities acted swiftly to arrest Azhari, with the Dhula police station opening case 97/24 against him. But why was ‘Peaceful’ Mufti making threats to the police?

These threats were Mufti’s way to protest against the Islamic Cleric Mustafa Kamal.

Mustafa Kamal appealed to the Muslim community to stop cow slaughter.

As per Mufti, Islam does not require cow sacrifice!

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However, Kamal’s benign appeal did not sit well with the Islamists in Assam. Thereby, leading to outrage from many quarters and threats against Mustafa by Mufti. Even Assam’s Minister Pijush Hazarika expressed his shock over the vile nature of Azhari’s remarks against Mustafa!

Why Did A ‘Peaceful’ Islamist Threaten a Islamic?

Outraged by Islamic Preacher Mustafa’s appeal against cow slaughter, Mufti Azhari went on a social media rampage.

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Thus, in a Facebook Live session where “Peaceful” Azhari declared his intention to ‘Gherao’ the Lakhimpur Police Station and Mustafa Kamal’s residence. His speech harmed the communal harmony of the region.

He boasted that many like-minded ‘peacefuls’ are onboard with his plan.

He declared a lack of respect or fear for the law.

Mufti Azhari’s threats were direct and defiant. He abused a rational preacher Mustafa for his request to respect the feelings of Hindus by avoiding cow slaughter. He abused Kamal, accusing him of insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, and vowed to launch a jihadi agitation if necessary. The police authorities were also abused and threatened in the video. 

Sanatani Bharat Must Awaken

Assam: Mufti Mukibur Rahman Azhari arrested over provocative video
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“Peaceful” Azhari will be brought before the Mangaldoi court. The police are monitoring him and the area to prevent disturbances of any sort. This decisive action by the Assam police sends a strong message to the radical Islamists. It proves the commitment of the authorities in Assam to counter communal violence.

Bharat will not tolerate any challenges to the rule of law.

However, this incident is a stark reminder of the rise of radical Islam in India. It also highlights how reasonable voices in Islam will be silenced by the radical ones! The radicals are those who harbor a disconnect with the nation. They urge the sane into insane choices in the name of Islam!

Therefore, the need of the hour is for Sanatani Bharat to awaken and stand against such elements. Hatred and violence are what ‘peacefuls’ like Azhari spread against voices of sanity! Voices like Mustafa that advise against popular ‘peaceful’ mentality face Fatwas or worse! The fight against radicalism requires collective vigilance and action of Sanatana Bharat. Let Sanatan Bharat rise to the occasion to defend its values! Let Bharat face down the radical voices to ensure its integrity!

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