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Is World War 3 Knocking On Bharat’s Door?!

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While Bharat is busy sorting out its house, World War 3 might be knocking on the door! It sounds extreme, but the recent military actions by Russia display that the power struggle between the US and Russia is escalating. These actions have global military analysts ringing alarm bells about an impending large-scale conflict.

Russia’s nuclear drills with Belarus and the docking of its nuclear carriers in Cuba signal an endgame-like scenario that many fear could lead to World War 3. The USA’s attempt to threaten Russia through increasingly arming Ukraine may have crossed President Putin’s red line. Hence, these maneuvers are Russia’s clear message to the US and the West. Security analysts in India and abroad worry that Russia’s readiness to protect its interests may come at the ultimate cost to humanity!  

Belarus Nuclear Drills Singal World War 3 Readiness?!

Belarus launches nuclear drills a day after Russia announces them amid tensions with West | AP News
PC AP News

Belarus Will participate in nuclear drills with Russia.

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This comes as a reaction to what they perceive as Western attempts to destabilize their country. The West is trying to stifle their growth with economic sanctions and potential military threats. Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin stated that these exercises are necessary to defend against such threats. This is the second stage of joint nuclear drills between Russia and Belarus. The first stage occurred in May in Russia’s Southern Military District, an area that includes parts of Ukraine under Russian occupation.

Russian Tactical Nuclear Weapons To Be Deployed In Belarus "In Few Days"

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to store tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus was first announced in March 2023. This declaration was a strategic move to deter Western interference in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has expressed a willingness to use these weapons without hesitation if threatened.

Belarus cites NATO member Poland as a potential aggressor and primary concern.

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The nuclear current drills, involving Iskander and Kinzhal missiles, aim to prepare Russian and Belarusian forces for the potential use of non-strategic nuclear weapons. These exercises are a stark warning to Ukraine and its Western allies. They emphasize Russia’s commitment to defending its territorial integrity and sovereignty, to the last man!

Russian Naval Deployment To Cuba

Strategic Calculations Behind Russia's Kazan Nuclear Submarine's Upcoming Visit to Cuba - The Aviationist
PC The Aviationist

In a move reminiscent of Cold War-era tensions, Russia has deployed four naval vessels, including the nuclear-powered submarine Kazan, to dock in Cuba’s Havana port. This deployment is seen as a strategic demonstration of power close to the United States. Its job is to make the US understand how it feels to have an enemy camped near you.

Russia’s move is a warning to the US that the final war will not just be fought in Europe.

Its debris will burn American land as well.

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US To Monitor Russian Combat Vessels, Aircraft In Caribbean As Putin Sends Nuke Submarine To Cuba
PC News 18

Although Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has assured that these vessels do not carry nuclear weapons. Moreover, he affirms that they pose no threat to the region. However, the significance of the move is not lost to anyone. The timing and nature of this ‘visit’ suggest that Russia means business now!

The presence of the Admiral Gorshkov frigate and the Kazan submarine, equipped with Zircon hypersonic missiles, near the US coastline is a provocative move. This action aligns with Putin’s recent statements about taking asymmetrical steps in response to Western countries supplying advanced weapons to Ukraine. By positioning these advanced naval assets in Cuba, Russia is signaling its capability and willingness to confront the US and its allies directly.

Global Security Concerns Of World War 3

World War 3 (Hour by Hour) (Compilation)
PC YouTube @The Infographics Show

The powers in the US continues to use Ukraine as a pawn to trigger Russia.

To counter the pressure built by Russia, Ukraine can employ weapons supplied by the United States, such as rockets and rocket launchers. These are meant to take down Russian missiles that are being amassed in the direction of Kharkiv. The UK also continues to arm Ukraine in a bid to weaken the Russian offensive. France wants to send troupes to Ukraine despite Russia’s warnings of escalations. Germany has updated its wartime plans; which include conscriptions, rationing, and use of subways as bunkers. After the demilitarization of Nazi Germany, this is the first time the nation has changed its documents to show readiness for war. 

Hence, these aggressive maneuvers have ensured that Russia retaliates with a heightened risk of a broader conflict, that might lead to World War 3.

The joint nuclear drills with Belarus and the naval deployment to Cuba are not isolated incidents. They are part of a larger military strategy to challenge Western influence and assert Russian power. President Putin has also threatened the West, stating that Russia will arm enemies of the West with nuclear technology. Therefore, the international community, particularly NATO and the US must carefully navigate this volatile situation to prevent escalation into a full-scale war.

Importance Of Bharat’s Strategic Position

National Security And Foreign Policy | Bharatiya Janata Party

As global tensions rise, India finds itself in a precarious position. India’s security and strategic interests are deeply intertwined with the global balance of power. Why? Because of hostile neighbors like China and Pakistan. In a global conflict scenario, a nationalist government led by the BJP could be crucial for maintaining India’s stability and security.

The BJP’s strong coalition, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), is seen as a better bet for India in these turbulent times.

The NDA has a firm stance on national security and is known for its ability to manage global partnerships. Under them, Bharat will be able to balance interaction with rival global powers like the US and Russia. This may be the necessary leverage India needs to navigate the complexities of an impending global conflict.

In contrast, the opposition INDI-Alliance is a weaker coalition. The nation suspects foreign powers in play in this coalition. Thus, this motley group of power-hungry politicians will be more inclined towards appeasement, internal as well as external. Critics argue that an INDI-Alliance-led government might happily succumb to external pressures. Thereby, forcing India to take sides in a manner that could compromise its strategic autonomy and security. Such a scenario could leave India vulnerable in the scenario of World War 3! 


As the world stands on the brink of a possible World War 3, India’s leadership will play a crucial role. Bharat could find itself in the driver’s seat that balances the security and strategic interests of the world! A strong, nation-first, and decisive government, such as the one led by the BJP, may provide the stability and resilience needed to face these global challenges.

The actions of the West and Russia show that international relations are heading in the direction of a major conflict. While it remains to see who will blink first, India’s response to any scenario will be critical. Let’s hope Modi 3.0 is strong enough not to bow to influence or pressure. May India maintain its sovereignty and protect its national interests in this World War 3-like scenario!!!

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