Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Colonial Roots of the Khalistani Identity

The Khalistani movement advocates for a separate Sikh homeland. However, this is not merely a contemporary political issue supported by foreign-aided militants. It is...

Putin’s Russia And Its Conditional Peace Proposal To Ukraine

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine remains a focal point of international attention. In the backdrop of the G7 meeting in Italy, Russian...

Russia and Saudi Arabia Herald A Decline In Dollar Dominance

Saudi Arabia and Russia are moving away from the economic dominance of 'The US Dollar'. This move is a strategic geopolitical and financial strategy...

Is World War 3 Knocking On Bharat’s Door?!

While Bharat is busy sorting out its house, World War 3 might be knocking on the door! It sounds extreme, but the recent military...

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