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Arrest Warrant Against Vladimir Putin

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In an expected turn of events, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin. The arrest warrant is for the war crimes he has committed as well as the alleged abduction and deportation of Ukrainian children. The court at Hague issued the warrant backed by the Human Rights body.

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is independent and decisions will be made based on evidence. The chances of any imminent arrest of Putin seems slim.

The Arrest Warrant

The Russian invasion in Ukraine began last February and during this time span, multiple Ukrainian children have gone missing. A Kremlin funded program, headed by Russia’s Commissioner for children’s rights, Maria Love-Belova was started. It sponsored taking Ukrainian children and teenagers to Russia. The charges press for unlawful deportation of the population from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.

International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court is a standing body to investigate war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity under a 1998 treaty, Rome Statue. Prior to the ICC, the UN Security Council established ad hoc tribunals to look into war crimes. It’s headquarter is in Hague.

While many countries are a part of the ICC, Russia has maintained its distance from the council. Even the United States of America has stayed away from the ICC fearing persecution, even though most of its allies are members of the ICC.

The American administration under Biden has apparent evidence against Russia but is holding back fearing the reversal of fortune for its own administrative officials.

Putin Vs Arrest Warrant

While the Human Rights authorities have all hailed the arrest warrant with open arms, the catch lies in Putin being an absentee defendant. The chances of Putin being tried in the International Criminal Court are pretty slim. Russia has clearly maintained that it will not hand over its official for trial. In fact, the warrants were brushed aside by the Russian Foreign Ministry, since they are not a member of the ICC.

The warrant holds power depending on how the West deals with Russia here on. The isolation by the member nations of ICC might restrict his movement. Further, they will be obliged to hand him over to the ICC if he travels to their land.

The ICC will still be powerless to make a move against Putin. The ICC relies upon the world leaders to monitor justice around the world and cannot arrest any sitting head of the country.

Seeing that Putin won’t be bringing himself near the ICC anytime soon, the world sits back. The warrant is to prevent such war crimes in the future and protect humanity against them.





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