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Annamalai and The DMK Kasai: Educated South or Hinduphobic Bigots?

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Annamalai lost the Coimbatore seat to DMK’s Ganapathy Rajkumar by a margin of 1.18 lakh votes. However, his vote share jumped to nearly 33% while the BJP’s state vote share jumped to nearly 12%. The loss was hard for the BJP cadres but its increased vote share shows a promise for the leader and his fellow party members.

Until this election result, the narrative of the “educated and sophisticated South” was used to shame the North for choosing the BJP. The Le-Li gang and the ‘sickulars’ used North is stupid and South is smart ideology to justify Modi’s popularity. They would paint a picture of an enlightened populace, rising above the petty politics that plague the Northern regions. However, the recent Kasai actions of DMK supporters in Tamil Nadu reveal a much darker reality: a Hinduphobic South standing on the precipice of sanity.

A Gruesome Display of Hatred Against K. Annamalai

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Social media is rife with shockingly vile videos. In an earlier reel, DMK supporters parade through the streets with a black goat bearing a picture of K. Annamalai, the BJP state president who dares to talk of Sanatan Dharma on Tamil land.

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However, the joke turns vile soon. In a brutal and vile video that follows, these DMK supporters beheaded the goat and smeared its blood on Annamalai’s image. This barbaric display of hatred is condemnable. And it highlights the depths to which political animosity can sink under the CM Stalin’s influence.

The Educated South’s Hypocrisy

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What makes this incident even more galling is the rejection of K. Annamalai by the so-called “educated” electorate of Tamil Nadu.

Annamalai is not just any politician; he is an engineer, an IIM graduate, and a former IPS officer.

Annamalai retorts to Kanimozhi over poll dig: If Karunanidhi was my father... - India Today
PC India Today

He cracked the nation’s two toughest exams. His academic credentials and his work as an IPS officer are a testament to his intelligence and dedication. Yet, in the eyes of the ‘educated’ voters, these qualifications seem less important than the hateful rhetoric and divisive politics peddled by the DMK.

CM Stalin’s ‘Eradicate Sanatan Dharma’ Banner

Under the leadership of CM M.K. Stalin, the DMK ruled Tamil Nadu has once again embraced an agenda aimed at eradicating Sanatan Dharma. Its hateful HRCE policies ensure that Dharma stays suppressed in the state. This has emboldened the DMK supporters to engage in increasingly violent and hateful acts.

They do not just vote against men who talk of uniting under the Sanatana banner, they use such public actions to oppress anyone who agrees with this view.

The gruesome beheading of a goat in a public demonstration was not just to silence the voice of the BJP. It is also a silent threat to those who have tried to rejuvenate the Southern masses to their civilizational truths. The beheading is a symptom of a larger, more troubling trend of religious intolerance under DMK in Tamil Nadu.

The South’s Educated Gentry in Question

South Indian States allocate less to education in FY24 - The Hindu BusinessLine
PC The Hindu BusinessLine

Thus, the nation asks a critical question to the DMK keyboard warriors. Can the South still claim to be an educated and sophisticated region when such acts of barbarism are carried out openly? Of course not! The actions of DMK supporters, roaming free under Stalin’s banner, suggest otherwise.

The veneer of ‘Sophisticated South’ is quickly stripped away when confronted with the reality of the hatred and intolerance festering within.

It is time for the so-called educated South to introspect. The rejection of a highly qualified individual like Annamalai in favor of a party that sanctions such heinous acts speaks volumes about the priorities and values of the electorate. The glorification of education and sophistication rings hollow when it is accompanied by a blatant disregard for human decency and respect for all religions.

Tamil Nadu On The Precipice of Sanity

Tamil Nadu stands at a crossroads. The state can either continue down the path of hatred and division or reclaim its identity as a truly educated and progressive society. The choice is stark and the implications are profound. The actions of DMK supporters deserve public condemnation. But they should also serve as a wake-up call to all those ‘educated elites’ who cherish the values of tolerance and respect. It is time to reject the politics of Hindu hate and understand that the future of Bharat lies with those who are enlightened by their education, rather than blinded by hatred.

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