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Viral Video on ‘Chappals of Resistance’ of Hindus

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Recently, a video on the Chappal Resistance of Hindus went viral on X or Twitter. The video depicts how an alleged group of Christian Missionaries were thrashed by an Amma using her Chappal. Reportedly, these conversion enthusiasts found themselves at the center of fierce resistance to their preaching at a Hindu village. It is presumed that the initial exchange may have started peacefully. However, the video records the latter half of the incident and its dramatic events. The video only shows how the villagers express their firm stance against religious conversion and missionaries using Chappals of Resistance.

Chappal Thrashing – The Symbol of Resistance

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The captivating video depicts an Amma or an elderly woman taking matters into her own hands. Allegedly, driven by a strong sense of devotion to her ancestral faith, she resorted to using her chappal or slippers as a weapon of resistance. The Amma is seen courageously confronting the supposed women missionaries of Indian descent. Additionally, the video shows how the Amma unleashed a series of swift chappal thrashes to discipline the two alleged missionaries.

However, the gesture swiftly escalated the situation. As emotions ran high, the men standing nearby joined Amma in her bold protest against religious conversion. They made it abundantly clear that their village was not to be swayed. The male missionary of Indian descent also faced the consequences, as he received stern slaps from the resolute villagers.

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Understanding the Pushback: Hindus and the Fight Against Conversion

Hindus can challenge Christian Conversion and Missionaries legally and effectively. | Struggle for Hindu Existence
PC Struggle for Hindu Existence

The viral nature of the video highlights the broader sentiment among Hindus in India. It shows that the Hindus of India are fed up with the conversion tactics employed by missionaries of any Abrahamic religion. If the viral video’s context is correctly reported, it sheds light on how Hindus are ready to take back power from the preachers of the gospel.

Ancestral faith and cultural heritage have become important in India again. The reported resistance witnessed in the video is not an isolated incident but part of a larger Sanatani movement against conversions.

India is pluralistic. This can mainly be attributed to the Hindus of India and their ability to embrace diverse religious beliefs. However, the rice-bag-converts and the Quran zealots repeatedly cross the lines of decency in India. It seems they will not feel safe or reassured until every Hindu or Sanatani is subservient to their God. Thus, lines of peaceful religious coexistence are blurred by their attempts at conversion. If the reports are correct, the video showcases that Sanatanis are ready to safeguard their faith and religious identity.

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Sanatana Dharma Vs. Conversion Enthusiasts

Attempts to convert Hindus in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh thwarted by Hindu organisations! - Sanatan Prabhat
PC sanatanaprabhat.org

While the video gains the attention of netizens, it also prompts conversations about missionary activities and conversion enthusiasts in India. The Amma in the video is a testament to the resolve of Hindus and their determination to protect their traditions and beliefs from encroachment. The chappal thrashing incident reflects the collective spirit of Hindus who are determined to stand up against the threat of Abrahamic religions.

Extremists, conversion enthusiasts, and zealots should reflect on how the alleged missionary group was left with no choice but to plead for forgiveness. Moreover, they should reform their tactics to proselytize among communities deeply rooted in Sanatana Dharma. The video is like a bell pealing loud and clear declaring that Sanatana Dharma and their Rakshaks are on the rise in Bharat.

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