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Muthu Mariamman Temple Under Attack By Christians; Consecration Obstructed

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Temples in Tamil Nadu are facing multifarious attacks through political support. A Christian propaganda is deliberately spread against the traditions of Temple on the name of caste. The recent incident is of Christian-converts obstructing the going on consecration in the Muthu Mariamman temple. 150 year old Muthu Mariamman Temple is located in Manojipatti, Thanjavur.

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What is The Issue?

Christian missionaries are expert in creating false issues and stopping Hindus in their endeavours. One such issue has been reported in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur. A petition has been filed by a group of people belonging to the certain caste to the Commissioner office. And the report states that,

“People from all castes worship in the Muthu Mariamman temple in the neighbourhood. The consecration ceremony of the temple was conducted 20 years ago. Plans were made to conduct the consecration ceremony again and efforts were taken to that effect. But people of our caste are being neglected from participating in the works for the consecration ceremony. We need proper representation in the ceremony for our community”.

At the forefront this would clearly seem like an issue of caste discrimination by the temple authorities and the local people. But, in reality a different game plan is going on. And the main mind behind this game is a man who is Christian supported by the local Member of Parliament. Thus, that Christian man is mobilising not the certain people belonging to a certain class. Rather, these people are Christian-converts

Christian- Converts Mobilised Against Temples

This shows a total plot being created against Hindus in Manojpatti. The temple which is an ancient place of worship is taken as a garb to dispel and malign the Hindu traditions. While in reality, Hindus are disrupted by that Christian man. As per the local news reports of the area clearly points out that how another counter petition is sent to the officials by a Hindu man. Vijaykumar who is a resident of South Devendrum, Manojipatti wrote this petition to Joint Commissioner of HRCE Department, Thanjavur.

(p.c. – Hindupost)

“A Christian from the neighbourhood is working against conducting the consecration ceremony and the festival. He is acting against the traditions of the temple and its welfare.”

Obstacles Created In Consecration

Christian man is gathering converted Christians and creating a caste issue out of nowhere. People are unnecessarily demanding that the Temple procession does not pass through their streets. However, that was never the traditional route. Even though many people who are converted the procession passes through and stops at those streets. But, this deliberate hindrance in the consecration is done through a calibrated move to malign Hindus.


Everywhere across Tamil Nadu we can see the rampant conversion going on. And despite that, the pro-Christians government of MK Stalin is giving reservation facilities to the converts. This situation along with increasing control of government in temples with rampant loot of the temple wealth, is disturbing. There are no authorities who are concerned for the issues of Hindus. From politicians to bureaucrats to a new class of convert Christians, all are against Hindu practices.






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