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RRR, Ratna Pathak and the Dance of Bollywood

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RRR creates history by becoming the first feature film to win an Oscar. The song “Naatu Naatu” was awarded the Best Original Song. This calls for celebration across the nation by one and all except the likes Ratna Pathak Shah. Her best perception of the movie labelled it as “regressive”. Isn’t that something new!

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Mrs. Naseeruddin Shah is at it Again

Speaking nonsense and Mrs. Naseeruddin have a long standing affair and honestly it is now becoming a very toxic relationship.  She feels that movies like RRR are regressive, even though they are popular today. They focus on going backwards, according to her.

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As much sanity calls for avoiding her remarks, she had compared India to Saudi Arabia a while back on Karwa Chauth! Of course previously she was also scared of being attacked for speaking her mind.

Ironically, in spite of such “terror”, she still went ahead and puked out nonsense on intolerance in the country.

Regressive vs Progressive

Movies like RRR will forever be regressive for the like of Mrs. Shah because they focus on the past and not the future. Progressive works include the web series, Taj, her husband Naseeruddin is starring in – an aged bigot who had absolutely no love for Bharat in his little, black heart!

Pc The Economic Times

Perhaps Mrs. Shah is further agitated by the recognition of movies like RRR which restore the pride of the nation, unlike Slumdog Millionaire which painted the country as a poor, dubious nation.

Bollywood Never Learns

Inspite of all the backlash, Bollywood never learns from its mistakes or rather continues them repeatedly. One might add they are very “conservative” and “regressive” in their approach, seeing how reluctant they are to change their ways.

Their appreciation is limited to works that are dubious in their showcasing of the national pride. Or maybe they like the works of Mr. Shah, glorifying the Islamic invader, Akbar.

The Winds Have Changed

Irrespective of their propaganda, the nation and the world has given its decision -loud and clear. Now whether Mrs. Shah likes it or not, she cannot run from the fact that Movies like RRR are the future. Maybe she should educate her husband for the same so that he mends his propaganda methods! Either way, the entire Bollywood needs to wake up to the reality that the winds have changed – for good!

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