Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Roshni Khatri


A Step Towards Consciousness

Several individuals receive approval from their doctor to start a yoga routine. Yoga study refers to both the alignment of the postures and, more...

Naiki Devi: Story of the Great Indian Warrior Queen

Warrior women have captured the attention of people all over the world for millennia, from the fabled Amazons of Greek mythology to Queen Boadicea...

Origin of Four Yugas in Hinduism

Santana dharma holds that God (Isvara) appears as Time (Kala). God is timeless, everlasting, constant, unchanging, unbreakable, and devoid of activity and dualism in...

Russia and India are exploring using RuPay and Mir for Seamless Transactions

In an attempt to facilitate effortless payments between the two nations, India and Russia have agreed to investigate the feasibility of recognizing each other's...

India Plans to Export Military Aircrafts Tejas planes, Akash missiles, and radar-equipped assault chopper to Africa

As a means to promote military exports to Africa, Bharat has adopted a comprehensive strategy that combines financing, training, building infrastructure, and soft power...

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