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The Curse called Live-in Relationships

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The curse called live-in relationships is ruining the cultural fabric of our country, it is time to put a stop to it

The Allahabad High Court in a recent observation came down heavily on the live-in relationships in the country in a case.

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The hon’ble Court lambasted the live-in relationships as being responsible for undermining the cultural unity of our country.

The Court argued that live-in relationships is a negative import of the Western civilization and is threatening the very sanctity of Bharat.

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In the light of these critical observations, it is necessary to understand how the concept of live-in is a blot on Indian culture.

What is Live-in?

Live-in refers to any relationship between man and a woman or between same-gender couples without marriage.

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It is a distinct import of Western civilization. Live-in couples argue that marriage is but a legal contract which has no meaning whatsoever.

Live-in couples argue that marriage shackles individuals into a life-long commitment.

They argue that marriage is oppressive. But this line of thought is regressive, disgusting and dangerous.

Live-in is Anti-Bharat

The very idea of live-in is alien to Bharat. It isn’t in agreement with Bharatiya values.

Bharatiya or Indic values considers marriage or vivah to be a sacred institution, it regards marriage as a union not only of individuals but also of two families.

Indic values consider marriage to be a solid foundation for promoting respect for elders, respect for family and most importantly respect for your Indic culture.

But the idea of live-in is a disgusting manifestation of the debauchery prevalent in Western culture.

Live-in breaks families, makes both men and women vulnerable to mental and physical harm and may even lead to the loss of lives.

Example- Aftab Poonawala murdering his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar and literally vivsecting her body.

This shows that live-in is blantantly anti-Bharat.

Live-in is Anti-Hindu

Live-in relationships are also outrightly anti-Hindu. They do not conform to the basic norms of Hinduism.

Sanatan Dharma considers vivah to be a sacred bond. In the various holy scriptures and texts of Sanatan Dharma marriage is eulogised as a bond for generations.

But the very idea of live-in is a direct assault on the idea of Sanatan Dharma. It promotes the toxic principle of individualism that lives at the core of Western civilization.

Live-in relationships prefer the mantra- “I-me-myself”. It eats into the cultural vitals of our sanskriti, live-in individuals are typically woke people who consider Sanatan Dharma to be a ‘fiend’.

Live-in relationships also put in peril public morality and collective mass consciousness of how a society, especially Indian society should function.

What to do?

It is high time that parents keep a tab on the activity of their children and be aware and vigilant.

The sooner the curse called live-in relationships is removed from Bharatiya society, the better.

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