Sunday, July 21, 2024

The Indian Army Foils Infiltration Bid

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The Indian army foils an infiltration bid in Jammu & Kashmir, highlighting once again how our armed forces continue to protect us from all threats

In a daring operation, the Indian Army has foiled an infiltration bid in the Kupwara district of Northern Kashmir.

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The operation was carried out in the Machil sector.

The operation was organized by a combined force comprising the Indian army’s Rashtriya Rifles, Kashmir Police & Chinar Corps.

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Five terrorists were neutralised in the operation, highlighting in the process the lethal accuracy of the Indian Army.

The infiltration bid is one of the many that Pakistani sponsored terrorists will attempt before the winter sets in.

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Nature of the Operation

The Indian Army named this operation ‘Shikanji’.

The operation was a part of a continuous internal security vigilance the army carries out at the LOC or the Line of Control.

The operation saw the Indian Army at its lethal best.

A large number of arms including AK-47s, frag grenades; ammunitions like bullets, smoke grenades etc have been recovered.

Hammering Of Pakistan To Continue

The foiled infiltration bid by Pakistani deep state clearly shows the desperation of Pakistanis.

That country is facing economic meltdown, skyrocketing inflation, strict IMF conditionalities to bail it out of its economic mess and political turmoil.

However, Pakistan refuses to relent, it continues its devious attempts to derail Bharat’s growth and development and undermine its social harmony.

When a country doesn’t want its neighbour to exist it becomes the duty of the neighbour to take all measures to bolster its self-preservation.

This exactly is the case with Bharat.

Pakistan will never learn, they will never improve. It is, therefore, naive to expect any change of heart from Pakistan and ordinary Pakistanis.

Hence, the hammering of Pakistan must continue. Bharat must up the ante in all possible forums to ensure that Pakistan can no longer threaten it financially, socially or militarily.

Therefore, Bharat needs to ensure the demise of Pakistan’s ability to use terrorism as a policy to secure its strategic goals.

The Indian Army foils infiltration bid is one of the many such ways, more will follow soon.

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