Thursday, July 25, 2024

Bharat Must Put An End To Qatar’s Audacity

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Bharat must put an end to Qatar’s audacity, the terrorist country has for far too long been given leeway, it cannot be allowed any more

In a shocking incident, Qatar has sentenced to death 8 ex-Indian Navy sailors.

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The officers were already lodged in a Qatari jail for the past several months.

This was as the Government of India was actively negotiating with Qatar for the past 14 months to secure the release of the sailors.

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This egregious action by Qatar comes amidst heightened tensions.

This pertains to the tension between India and Canada over the killing of a Khalistani terrorist in Canada.

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The tensions also reflect an underlying malignment campaign by many Muslim countries to try and prevent the progress and economic development of Bharat.

The Case

The case dates back to 2022 when 8 Indian Navy sailors were arrested by Qatari police on espionage charges.

Those 8 sailors were today sentenced to death on the allegations of spying for Israel.

This verdict comes even as Qatar has been trying to act as the mediator between Hamas and Israel.

This comes amidst the ongoing conflict that has roiled the Middle East.

A Terrorist Country

Needless to say, Qatar is a terrorist state.

The Sunni Muslim kingdom has been using its immense crude oil earned money to finance terror groups across the world.

Not only that, Qatari channel Al Jazeera has been actively involved in a vitriolic campaign against Hindus, Jews, Bharat & Israel.

In fact Qatar hosts the top leaders of Hamas and has been known to finance ISIS in Syria and other parts of the world.

There is little doubt that Qatar is the financial epicentre of global jihad.

Time For Bharat To Put Qatar In Its Place

The sentencing of the sailors is a direct violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations is a violation of relevant portions of the UN charter.

Qatar was given enough time to mend its fissures with Bharat, but no more.

Qatar cannot be allowed to go scot-free, Bharat must put an end to Qatar’s audacity.

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