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India – The Next Superpower?

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The most potent sources to becoming a superpower are Currency, Pharma, Arms and Energy. India needs to assert its dominance in all the fields if it aims to become a superpower in the near future.

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What is a Superpower?

Each nation is fighting to become a Superpower in the approaching scenario of a multipolar globe. Westerners invented the idea of the superpower, which derives its core from the global police force. The aforementioned nation seeks authority in all global concerns because it is a Superpower. A Superpower establishes its own rules and laws in order to further its objectives. A Superpower’s military might’s imposition is what gives it power.

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Indian Superpower

Sashtra and Shastra are the main topics of ancient Indian historical references. Whereas the latter stands in for exterior security, the former is for internal security. Yet it need a strong Shastra since our past is distorted. 

Due to excessive modernization, when each Janapad was granted sufficient ability to engage in self-rule and defence power was never centralised, ancient India previously suffered economic losses.

Each kingdom developed its own defences as a consequence, but there was no centralised defence system. The invaders took advantage of this deficiency and pillaged and destroyed the wealthy, ancient land of Bharat.

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Factors to Attain Superpower Status

Currently, we have a centralised Delhi-based western rudimentary state structure. To give India the global upper hand, we still need the following three things: 

  1. The resurgence of Dharma and how it differs from and opposes other global faiths; 
  2. Sanatana economics’ resurgence and suggestions on how India could return to ancient Indian economics; 
  3. Asia’s reemergence within the new world order, which starts with the de-dollarisation of currency. Agriculture, manufacturing, precious metals, and logistics will all see a rise in actual valuations as a result of this. These elements are presently valued more modestly. 

India’s first line of defence requires its supremacy from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the West to Loas, Cambodia in the East in order to achieve the hard force of dominion.

Despite having the fourth-largest Air Force, the second-largest Army, and the seventh-largest Navy. Yet, when we examine the equipment, the majority of it is from a different generation. We don’t employ the newest or most advanced technologies in our equipment. Also, we import 99% of our defence hardware. Superpowers cannot rely on other nations for their security. A strong economy must be built upon in order to have a strong defence.

A global powerhouse has the capability to sway the actions of nations thousands of kilometres away, making them reconsider any action that could have a negative impact on them. The US still has close to 800 military sites in more than 70 foreign nations and territories, despite recently shutting hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. has been providing needy nations with financial aid worth billions of dollars, aiding in their growth (India was also a recipient of US aid at the time of Independence). This is sufficient to influence a nation’s policy-making.


There are areas of power that India needs to focus on to spearhead its way as a Superpower and become a force to be reckoned with in the world.




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