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The Knucklehead Islamist Called Mohammed Rizwan

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The knucklehead islamist called Mohammed Rizwan has made Pakistan a laughing stock before the cricketing world & global public opinion

The Cricket World Cup has seen teams display their best cricketing skills to defeat their competition.

As the games have proceeded, new records are being made and old ones being broken.

But one team which has caught the attention of the global cricketing fraternity is Pakistan.

While Pakistan is known for exporting beggars, donkeys and terrorists commonly, this World Cup has seen Pakistan export something different-stupidity.

Stupidity is a part of human nature and is considered to be a tendency among thousands of people.

But the Pakistani team has made it a point to make themselves look like idiots.

I have no love for the Pakistani team or for that matter the Pakistani people, I hate them but I cannot help but laugh & feel angry at the heightened sense of imbecility and audicity.

One man who has exceeded all levels of stupidity is the so-called ‘star batter’ of Pakistan-Mohammed Rizwan.

This fellow is a gem, he is the truest manifestation of Pakistani imbecility.

The Incident

In the first ball of the 43rd over, Shaheen Afridi bowled a delivery down the leg-side which brushed Taskin Ahmed’s pad and was caught by Rizwan. There were huge appeals from the keeper and the bowler, but Babar was not so sure.

While the three of them were talking among each other to take a review or not, Rizwan decided to ask the batter himself whether he edged it or not. Eventually, they decided against it and the play resumed.

Nonetheless, this incident left commentator Ravi Shastri in splits.

Full Time Islamist

In the game against Sri Lanka, Rizwan scored a century.

But he displayed his Islamist credentials by offering Namaz on the ground and then dedicated his century to Palestinians of Gaza.

This does show the fact that Pakistani cricketers know one thing-to Islamize the game.

They do not think twice before raking religion, they have to bring Islam into everything. Clearly Rizwan doesn’t use his brain, if he has one at all.

Hence, the knucklehead Islamist called Mohammed Rizwan will continue with his faux pas, something that Bharatiyas must find hilarious.

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