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Sand Mafia Brutally Assaults Woman Official in Bihar, Highlights Worsening Lawlessness

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In Bihar’s Gaya district, the sand mafia brutally attacked a team of Mines Department officials. The incident occurred during a routine inspection of sand mining sites. The attack, which involved sticks and rods, left the officials badly injured. Even a woman official was subjected to a vicious assault. This incident is another example of the worsening lawlessness in the region. The sand mafia operates with impunity, resorting to violence to protect their illegal operations.

NCW condemns attack by sand mafia on 2 Bihar women mining dept officials - India Today
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Illegal Sand Mining

Illegal sand mining has become a significant source of revenue for the sand mafia in Bihar. The government’s attempts to crack down on the practice have not been successful. This attack underscores the urgent need for more effective measures to tackle this illegal activity and restore law and order in the region.

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Safety Of Officials

This incident highlights the worsening lawlessness in the region. People have drawn a comparison between this incident and the “Jungle Raj” era in Bihar. The time was characterised by lawlessness and violence in the 1990s.

Although the state government claims to have improved the situation, this attack shows that more needs to be done.

Political leaders and civil society groups have strongly condemned the attack and demanded that the authorities hold the culprits accountable. The state government’s response to this incident will determine if they are serious about taking effective measures to bring the perpetrators to justice and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

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