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Rohingyas are a National Security Threat

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Rohingyas are a national security threat, if not expelled from the country at the earliest they will wreck havoc in our Bharat

Security in the sphere of academia is classified into two parts-

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  • External Security
  • Internal Security

The armed forces are concerned with the protection and maintenance of the country’s borders.

The police, paramilitary forces are responsible for internal law and order. However, maintenance of internal security isn’t just contingent upon hard power.

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It has various nuances.

One of them is to shield our borders from illegal migration. In this globalised world, doing so has become mandatory.

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This applies specifically in the context of the security threat from Rohingyas.

Who are the Rohingyas?

Rohingyas are an ethnic community who have Islam as their main faith. These people are inhabitants of Myanmar and have Bengali as their mother tongue.

This community came into the spotlight following a 2017 crackdown by the Myanmar armed forces following an attack on their installations by the Arakan Rohingya salvation army.

The ensuing crackdown and the resultant exodus of this community in millions caused the United Nations to level allegations of “genocide” against the Myanmar armed forces.

A case is currently undergoing jurisdictional proceedings at the International Court of Justice on a petition filed by Gambia to hold the Tatmadaw responsible for this “genocide”.

Rohingyas are Dangerous for Bharat

Let’s be under no pretensions, the Rohingyas are a national security to India.

They are changing the demographic balance of the country at an expeditious pace, look at what Assam is going through.

On top of that, because of lack of literacy and skills they are a cannon fodder for illegal activities, especially for terror groups.

These Rohingyas are wrecking havoc in Bangladesh which fed them, sheltered them and even relocated them to the Bhashan Char island.

Also the Rohingyas families, because of a lack of contraceptive devices and outdated religious belief produce offspring numbering in the dozens.

This is one of the prime reasons for the demographic change.

Deporting Them

India isn’t a party to the UN Convention on the Non-Refoulment of Refugees, 1951 so it is under no international legal obligation to shelter refugees.

India, over the centuries has been a haven for refugees, this too is in accordance with the Indian spirit of tolerance.

But there is a limit to tolerance, look at what is happening in Europe, we can’t let this happen to India.

We already had one partition, let’s not recreate the same situation again.

It is imperative that the central government recognize the fact that Rohingyas are a national security threat and deport the Rohingyas without any consideration whatsoever.

Security of our citizens is of far more importance than humanitarian considerations.

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