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Raksha Bandhan Movie Boycott – Kanika Dhillon and Connection with Hindumisia

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Kanika Dhillon

Bollywood and wokeism work hand-in-hand, as Shamshera and Laal Singh Chaddha, are the latest examples. The most remarkable part is that these self-entitled wokes refuse to wake up. These incessant and continual rants are clearly about hatred for Hindus and Sanatan Dharma in general. The continuous insinuations have finally prompted Hindus to emerge from their cocoon and turn against Hindu haters. Akshay Kumar’s starrer Rakshabandhan’s writer, Ms. Kanika Dhillon, has recently joined the bandwagon.

Kanika Dhillon’s Insensitive Comments Against Hindus

For someone who earns money from a largely Hindu audience, Ms. Dhillon’s entitlement is not only shocking but audacious. Her consistent criticism and mockery of Hindu beliefs have been unmatched. Unfortunately for her, her hate-filled, rabid, and vile statements have come back to haunt her. Karma strikes really hard and bad. People who fill their bank accounts with Hindu money but hate them to their core should learn from this experience. In the guise of being anti-Modi and BJP, Kanika Dhillon has propagated hatred against Hindu values.

The Gaumutra jibe is often used by Islamists and terror sympathizers, including Ahmed Dhar, the Pulwama terrorist. As one of the main conspirators, he wanted to kill those who drank cow urine. It sounds odd that Bollywoodians and terrorists share the same line of thinking, doesn’t it?

It should not be forgotten that she is a vocal supporter of the Lynchistan gang. Someone who disdains Hindu beliefs associated with cows and belittles them intentionally has written a film about a Hindu festival? A true oxymoron, which shows how much Bollywood cares about Hindus. If someone’s heart is filled with hatred for Hinduism, can we expect sensitivity and genuineness from them?

Pro- Muslim Stance

Kanika Dhillon is a rabid Islamic sympathizer and apologist who maligns Hindus openly. The lecture she gives against religious fanaticism and communal harmony is reserved for Hindus alone, while Muslims are the perpetual victims. With Bollywood’s reality coming to the forefront, this hypocrisy should not surprise anyone. The expectation that such individuals will understand, respect, be genuine, and be sensitive would be silly on our part.

People like Kanika Dhillon and her tribe never mention love-jihad victims or the brutal killings of Kanhaiya Lal, Umesh Kolhe, or Shaheen Bagh. But at the drop of a hat, they would play the old tune of secularism, communal peace, and brotherhood.

A movie devoid of values and Sanskaars won’t be a surprise for someone who feels ashamed of their own culture and practices. Going by the past, Rakshabandhan wouldn’t be any different. There is nothing surprising about how the Bollywood cabal disrespects and tramples on Hindu beliefs. It is strange that if these tweets and rabid anti-Hindu mentality were shown by her in the past and can be accessed by the general public, couldn’t the Bollywood brigade do the same? The decision to include Kanika in the film looks like a deliberate action on the part of the makers. Their disregard for Hindus is evident from this. Alas, what can Hindus do at their best? The Hindus will be forced to watch it and face stigmatization, bullying, and mockery while idolizing Akshay Kumar. These happenings take place while the filmmakers fill their coffers with money and promote yet another vicious agenda against Hindus.


This culture of taking Hindus for granted must be ended, this culture of entitlement must be ended. Being the silent majority has been a disaster for Hindus for long, and they continue to suffer the consequences. It’s only a matter of time before a victim card and sob story are played out. Let’s watch how the PR teams and Kanika Dhillon will stage the fake drama to fool Hindus. It is now up to Hindus whether they stand up or keep being treated as money-minting machines by the insensitive Bollywood gang. Hindus will always be blamed for Bollywood mafia losses, so now is the time to show where Bollywood actually belongs.




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