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President Draupadi Murmu’s visit to Jagannath Temple raises Fake Claims of Discriminations

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The Leftists are using the temple visit of the first citizen of India, President Murmu, as an anti-BJP campaign. The President’s visit to Jagannath Temple in New Delhi on her birthday showcases her deep Sanatana Dharma roots. However, a few media sources misrepresented her visit and colored it with the tags of the prevalent caste discrimination in BJP’s India.

What was projected about President Murmu’s visit to Jagannath Temple?

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Reports falsely claimed that the President of India was not allowed into the Garbhagriha of the Jagannath Temple due to her identity as a tribal woman. The liberals and leftists went to war on social media to highlight this event as the discriminatory practices in Hinduism, caste bias in BJP’s India, oppression of women in temples, etc. They were delighted to be handed another arrow to shoot toward the united Hindus of India.

The liberals also compared President Murmu’s treatment at the temple with that of another BJP MP to underline supposed discriminations.

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They chose to misunderstand that Dharmic concept that Garbhagriha is open to specific people at a set time daily. It may also open to special occasions like a grand puja. The people who enter the inner sanctum are chosen with respect to the temple’s rituals and the individual’s post. The choice is unrelated to the the caste of the invited personnel. The media willfully chose to paint this incident in the colors of caste discrimination. Their aim was to incite public fury against Hindus, Brahamans, and BJP.

The truth of President Murmu’s visit to Jagannath Temple

President of India Droupadi Murmu
PC OpIndia

The true face of the event was very different from that presented by the sick liberals. The President did visit the temple, they got that part correctly. She did pray from outside the wooden barrier, they got that part also right. However, just like their dharmic roots, they forgot to ask why she chose not to enter the temple. Are they aware of the entourage that travels with any President of India? Do they understand that by a single phone call to the concerned ministry a President of India can claim an untold number of special privileges? Are they aware of the rituals of the temple they are defiling with their words? Do they understand President Murmu’s religious beliefs?

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President Murmu chose to start her birthday with a temple visit. She chose to abide by the customs of the temple. The temple does not permit entry into the Garbhagriha at all hours of the day. Despite this rule, the temple management and the Pujaris offered to open the Garbhagriha for her visit and prayers. However, President Draupadi Murmu waived her special status. She chose to pray to her God as a normal Sanatani Bhakt. She humbled herself, as any person should, to gain blessings from the divine.

Why does the Liberal Media ‘Accuse First and Clarify Later’?

Myth: Subliminal Messages Can Change Your Behavior – Association for Psychological Science – APS
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Most Indian viewers have a short-term memory in terms of news. Thus, the media houses attempt to make lasting impressions in their first shot. The liberals and their homegrown media houses use the tactic of ‘Accuse First, Clarify Later’ to create a big splash on social media. They create an indelible mark in the minds of their readers, thereby, creating a bias in the prima facie of the argument. When their news is questioned, they or their sister media outlets come back with a soft-clarifying-article to dismiss their earlier claims.

This ‘Accuse First’ strategy is effective with the Indian population. They easily arouse public sentiments. Clarifications published later are unable to stop the rolling stone of public opinion. Consequently, they effectively paint the situation in communal colors and easily affect the tone of the event in question. The current mentality of existing and long-lasting caste bias in India against the Tribal and Dalit communities is fueled by a similar propaganda. Their aim is to weaken the Indian society, demolish Hindu unity, and blacken the BJP on all platforms. Their goal is the defeat of PM Modi in the general elections of 2024. They want to divide the Indian voters by corrupting their minds and ideology by promoting small bursts of large-impact half-truths.

All Indians must understand the true subliminal messaging that colors such news, they must firmly stand on the side of Dharma and believe in Hinduism. ‘Be aware and Be wise’ in the face of the ‘Accuse First’ agenda of the corrupt liberal media.  

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