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Muhammed Rizwan’s Islamic Controversy continues

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Muhammed Rizwan’s Islamic controversy continues at an accelerated pace, highlighting the despicable nature of Pakistani cricket

Pakistan has done it again.

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This time the person in question is Mohammed Rizwan. This fellow seems to be determined to make sure that Pakistan is always in the news.

While Pakistan as a country is always in the news for all the wrong things- terrorism, Islamist extremism, bomb blasts etc.

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But this time the reason for Muhammed Rizwan being in news is for a hilarious reason.

The reason is sure to make anybody laugh their heart out, while being enough for the members of the you-know-who community feel outraged.

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The Incident

A complaint has been filed against star Pakistan keeper-batter Mohammad Rizwan for offering prayers (namaz) on the cricket field during the game against the Netherlands in World Cup 2023.

The lawyer Vineet Jindal, an advocate in the Supreme Court of India, wrote a scathing letter to the ICC arguing that Rizwan offering prayers during the match ‘raises questions about the spirit of the game.’

In the concerned complaint Jindal asserted that Rizwan’s offering of Namaz defeats the very neutrality of cricket and the nefarious tendency of the player to communalize the game.

Rizwan’s Earlier Controversy

But Muhammed Rizwan is determined to show his religiosity on the field.

In a game against Sri Lanka he dedicated his century to the Gazans and Palestinians in the Israel-Hamas war.

He justified the Hamas attack on Israel, arguing that it was carried out to avenge the injustice on the Palestinians carried out by Israel.

What does this say about M-Mindset?

The attempts by Muhammed Rizwan to Islamise the game shows the proclivity of Pakistani Muslims players to communalise the game.

This perhaps is an indication of the teachings of their educational institution which teaches nothing but religion, and that too all the wrong things.

But Muhammed Rizwan’s Islamic controversy continues and will continue in the future as well.

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