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King Kohli Represents Bharat’s Growing Prowess

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King Kohli’s represents Bharat’s growing prowess in every possible field, the Kohli spirit is echoing in every initiative that Bharat takes

Virat Kohli is no longer a mere name, but an emotion. An emotion that is felt by a billion people in Bharat.

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His name reeks of perseverance, hardwork, dedication, frugality and the obsession to emerge as the best in the field of cricket.

Having experienced a tough initial years following the untimely and tragic demise of his father, he and his family fought against all odds.

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Today, Kohli is a king that rules not only the cricketing game but is the heart throb of millions of people.

New Record

In the semi-final match against New Zealand in Wankhede stadium in Maharashtra, Virat Kohli created a new record and broke a record.

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He is the first batter in the history of cricket to score 50 centuries, no other batter has achieved such a stupendous feat. He has also broken master blaster Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 centuries.

Further, he is the third highest run scorer across all formats of the game. Only Sachin Tendulkar and Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka have more runs than him.

In setting the record, Kohli has also taken comparatively lesser innings than any other batter in cricketing history, a feat that is per se unprecedented.

Symbolises Bharat’s Resilient Spirit

King Kohli’s spirit epitomises Bharat’s growing prowess in every field.

Whereever Bharatiyas are they are setting new records. Today, the world’s attention is hooked to us.

Every country in the world wants Bharat’s opinion. Indians matter.

Be it in the field of defence or arts or to the realm of business and politics, Bharatiyas are calling the shots.

Keeping that in mind, we as Indians have a duty-to keep shining the name of Bharat further.

We must not ask what Bharat has done for us, but we must ask the question what have we done for Bharat and what more can we do for Bharat to bolster her glory.

Hence King Kohli represents Bharat’s growing prowess.

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