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India’s Space Success-The Answer to the Colonial Humiliation

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India’s space success-the answer to the Colonial humiliation is something that we Indians will cherish for a long time

On 23rd August, India made space history.

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She became the first and the fourth country on Earth to successfully land a space vessel on the south side of the moon and to reach the moon.

This mission was named Chandrayaan-3.

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While the entire world is relishing India’s space success and is congratulating her on this stupendous feat, we Indians, have some work to do.

This work pertains to our past.

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It requires us to jog our memory and remember our past.

A past of the last 400 years when the European powers came to India and engaged in wanton violation of our culture, economy, people and institutions.

A past which continues to evoke painful memories of subjugation, humiliation and being accorded a second-class citizenship treatment.

Four Hundred Years of Humiliation

This harks back to the 16th century when the Western Europeans started arriving in India via the maritime route.

First it was the Portuguese, then Dutch, followed by British,Danes and at last French.

They ravaged India wherever they went. The Portuguese were the first to desecrate India’ spirit.

Remember the Goa Inquisition, yes, that was them. The Carnatic Wars (1746-1760) was entirely fueled by Foreigners(British-French).

Slowly but surely the British dislodged all the other European powers and emerged as the supreme.

How can any Indian forget what those despicable Brits did!

What sheer humiliation!

Indians were abused, accorded second class citizenship treatment, spited. The Brits even took it upon themselves to “civilize” us Indians, based on the trumped up socio-cultural doctrine called the “Whiteman’s Burden”.

After hundreds of years of excruciating struggle, the Brits were forced to leave the country, but not before they impoverished our country.

In An Era of Darkness:The British Empire in India, Shashi Tharoor has given a riveting account of the how the Brits sucked India’s economy hollow.

The Brits owe us $45 trillion as reparations.

Backing Down no Longer

No longer are we going to back down. As the ferocious athlete, the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar’s mantra for winning is “Eat, Sleep, Conquer, Repeat”.

This must become the mantra for every Indian. Conquer here doesn’t denote its literal meaning.

It simply means achieving new heights, new feats, to conquer the impossible.

Under the transformative leadership of PM Modi, India is determined to conquer every problem that seems insurmountable.

For us, only the sky is the limit.


This colonial humiliation is something that every Indian, cutting across generations must remember.

While we Indians are amicable and treat the guest as “atithi-devo-bhava”. We no longer will be humiliated.

We will hit back with even more force.

Hence India’s space success-the answer to the Colonial humiliation.

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