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Islamic Invasions were the Bane of India

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Islamic invasions were the bane of India, they were responsible for tearing apart the spirit Bharat

Islam by its very nature is a missionary faith. Conquest and expansionism is its veins. Right from the days of Prophet Muhammed Islam sought to spread its “true nature” to everywhere on Earth.

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The caliphate period saw Islam’s relentless expansion, the most pernicious impact was seen in Persia, Egypt etc.

But it was a wholly different ball game when it came to its conquest of Bharat.

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712 AD is a dark chapter in the history of the then Indian subcontinent.

The reason-Ummayad general and Muslim conqueror Muhammed Bin Qasim arrived in Sindh and for the next three years plundered and descrated the very soul of Sindh.

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Since then there have been waves of Islamic invasions of India.

It beginning with the raids of Mahmud of Ghazni, who came to India 17 times and destroyed Northern India in the devastating raids.

Mathura, Somnath which were the crown jewels of India’s spiritual soul were plundered and desecrated.

After him came the truly dark phase-Muhammed Ghori.

He was responsible for the creation of the Islamic Empire in India, which heralded a truly dark phase in India’s Indic history.

It is necessary to understand the various impacts of these Islamic invasions.

Social Impact

Socially, the Islamic invasions were responsible for the cocooning of the Hindu society.

The Indic populace of India considered the Turks and other foreign races as outsiders who could never claim to represent their will.

It contributed to the rigidity of India’s already social hierarchy to deal with the menace.

It led to the deterioration of the condition of Hindus and people of polytheistic faiths as second class citizens.

Cultural Impact

Culturally it did lead to the development of a syncretic culture.

In some terms of India, especially Kashmir, it led to the development of a unique variant of Hinduism-Islam combine involving elements of Kashmiri Shaivism and Sufi mysticism in the 14th century.

But mind you, this was an aberration, if seen in overall terms, the Islamic invasions started from the time of Bin Qasim till Ahmed Shah Abdali was bloody.

Sandeep Balakrishna in his fabulous book Invaders and Infidels wrote a brutally honest account about the harrowing account of the Islamic invasions.

He mentioned, in a podcast with Abhijit Chavda on YouTube that the Islamic invasions were driven, as far as cultural motive was concerned to annihilate Hinduism and spread the one true faith-Islam.

You may remember that we were taught that the Islamic period in India was peaceful.

But you know what, let me set the record straight.

All those were nothing intellectual rubbish.

This rubbish was fed to us by a coterie of leftist historians like Romila Thapar, Bipan Chandra etc who propagated these lies.


The Islamic invasions was a strike in the heart of Bharat.

We, must be grateful to our ancestors who fought these iconoclasts to protect Sanatan Dharma.

Our duty as people of the Indic race must be to never forget these humiliations and cultivate the ‘Kshatriya spirit’.

Hence Islamic invasions were the bane of India.


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