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Exposing Disturbing Blackmail Incidents In Indian Colleges

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Another shocking revelation has unveiled a distressing case of blackmail. It originated from the Government Homoeopathic Medical College in Gazipur, Uttar Pradesh. Muslim girl has engaged in creating and disseminating inappropriate photos and videos of Hindu peers. It raises concerns about the adequacy of security measures within educational institutions across the country. It will be labelled as another case of “prank” by peers! A stringent action is a must for such cases.

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Unfolding The Case

The incident revolves around Mantasha Kajmi, a first-year BHMS student. She captured objectionable photos and videos of her fellow female residents in a private hostel. Subsequently, she shared these materials with Mohammad Amir, a senior in the second year of BHMS. This led to blackmail involving first-year female students.

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Extensive media coverage has thoroughly examined this harrowing case. It prompted the college administration to initiate an in-depth investigation. The investigation has substantiated the accusations, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

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Collective Action And Investigation Outcome

On August 7, 2023, the affected students unified in their pursuit of justice. They lodged a formal complaint with the college administration and reported the matter to the police. The subsequent investigation has unveiled the truth behind the allegations. In response to these findings, the college administration took decisive action. It suspended Mantasha Kajmi and Mohammad Amir for a duration of 6 months.

Dr. B.N. Sahni, the acting principal of the college, stressed the severity of the incident. He emphasized the necessity of safeguarding students’ privacy and dignity.

All inappropriate content on the mobile phones of the accused students was swiftly deleted to protect the identities of the victims.

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Police Response And Ongoing Investigation

The local Gazipur Police have treated the matter with utmost seriousness and initiated a comprehensive investigation. The accused students’ attempted to erase evidence by possibly formatting their phones. The police remain resolute in uncovering the truth. SP City has taken on the responsibility of leading the investigation. Subsequent actions will be determined based on the report of the investigation.

Similar Incidents And Nationwide Concerns

This appalling incident has ignited concerns about the security and privacy of students in educational institutions throughout India. A comparable incident came to light in Udupi, Karnataka. It involved the surreptitious installation of cameras in a college bathroom. Videos of female students were illicitly recorded and shared among peers. Media reports have indicated that this issue transcends regional boundaries. Similar incidents unfolding in various parts of the country.

At ‘Netra Jyoti College’ in Udupi, a troubling pattern emerged. Muslim girls purportedly recording videos of Hindu girls and share them with their Muslim male counterparts. This distressing practice persisted for a year. The accused students exploited lunch breaks to exchange phones and content.


The recent incidents at the Government Homeopathic Medical College in Gazipur and ‘Netra Jyoti College’ in Udupi have laid bare the disturbing reality of blackmail and privacy breaches of Hindu girls within educational institutions. As these cases serve as an urgent call to action. Colleges and authorities must take proactive measures to address these issues.

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