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ChatGPT prepared AI Regulation Law Draft for Costa Rica

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Recent news from Costa Rica states that the Congress asked ChatGPT to draft the law to regulate AI. The Congress chose this mode to write the draft to highlight the risks associated with unregulated AI. The members told ChatGPT to ‘think like a lawyer’ and present a draft that lists the ways AI regulation can be achieved and in what ways. Costa Rica is the 8th country to table legislation related to AI regulation. It considers all aspects of AI development and deployment. The law was first drafted in May and submitted in the same form as it was produced by the AI tool. Currently, it is being discussed in the parliament of Costa Rica.

What did ChatGPT recommend in the Law?

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ChatGPT’s draft law asks the Costa Rican government to create an institution to regulate AI systems. This institution should be governed by the principles of accountability, explainability, bias prevention, and protection of human rights.

Furthermore, it asked the government to create regulations using fundamental rights and international conventions as a base. However, it was unable to identify any rights and conventions in particular that it referred to in the draft. 

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The lawmakers, lawyers, and the general public are debating the efficacy and necessity of this draft. Most people acknowledge that human intervention is required to ensure a lack of ambiguity and loopholes in the law. While there are a small few who protest the use of AI to make laws for AI, the general response to the actions of the government is positive.

India and AI

MeitY Chair for Internet Policy: Value, Security and Governance Project

India does not have any AI laws or draft laws at present. The central government is trying to develop an AI technology ecosystem under MeitY. The INDIAai or The National AI Portal of India under MeitY is a knowledge portal, research organization, and ecosystem-building initiative of the Indian government. Its aim is to unite and promote collaborations among the various entities in India’s AI ecosystem. India wants to develop an AI ecosystem as a transformative technology that promotes inclusion, innovation, and adoption for social impact using AI.

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