Thursday, July 25, 2024

New Scam In West Bengal!

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A new scam in West Bengal has been unearthed in West Bengal by investigative agencies highlighting the depth of corruption

Ever heard of King Midas?

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I am assuming probably yes. It refers to the tale of a Greek King Midas who was granted the wish by Zeus that anything he touches will turn to gold.

Unfortunately this wish turned to be a bane as everything he touched turned into gold.

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This includes own his food and even his own daughter.

This continued until he accidentally turned to gold by touching his own head. Something of this sort is happening in West Bengal.

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Scam after scam, corruption cases after cases. It appears as if West Bengal has turned into a haven of corruption. Recently a new scam was unearthed by investigative agencies in the state.

Passport Scam

A massive fake passport scam was discovered by sleuths belonging to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

They have commenced conducting raids across West Bengal.

The CBI has registered a case against 24 individuals, including government officials, for their alleged involvement in issuing passports based on counterfeit documents.

Furthermore, CBI detectives are continuing their searches in not only at the passport office in Kolkata but also at various sites in Salt Lake & Howrah.

The crime probe agency arrested a senior superintendent at the Gangtok Passport Seva Kendra, Gautam Kumar Saha, and a hotel agent with Rs 1,90,000 in his possession for illegally issuing passports with forged and fake documents for middlemen.

Bengal-The Land of Scams

Earlier Bengal was known as the land of intellectuality & hard work.

Today Bengal is seen as the land of scams. Scams have pervaded the interstices of Bengal.

School teacher recruitment scam, Municipality recruitment scam, irregularities in Panchayat funds and myriad others.

But what is most concerning is that hard working ordinary Bengali women and men have to bear the brunt of the malice of the Trinamool Congress government.

This new scam in West Bengal is clearly the tip of the iceberg.
With the investigating agencies aggressively doing their work more such scams are going to be unearthed in Bengal sooner or later.



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