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AAP Scams Pro-Khalistan Supporters of $6.3 Million?

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The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is having a public showdown with the Pro-Khalistan leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the head of the banned terrorist group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ). The extremist leader and declared terrorist Pannu has accused AAP of exploiting Pro-Khalistan sentiments of separatists living abroad. Moreover, he claims AAP scammed them to fund his Punjab Election Campaign.

These accusations by a wanted terrorist and anti-India individual stains the already murky image of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal. The claims of anti-corruption and clean politics are already questioned by Bharatvasi due to the ongoing ‘Liquor Scam’ and its investigations against AAP leaders. However, the allegations by an anti-BJP terrorist leaves Arvind Kejriwal and AAP unable to cannot cry political vendetta. Thus, AAP has found itself at the center of yet another controversy concerning its alleged links with Pro-Khalistan supporters. However, such allegations are not new to AAP.

The party has been repeatedly accused of Khalistani leanings for a long time. The standard protocol of AAP is to deny the allegations and refute any proof. From photographs of campaign collaborations to accusations of accepting funding from separatist groups, the AAP has weathered all storms without a care. However, the latest allegations may be the last straw on the camel’s back.

AAP and Pro-Khalistan Public Showdown

Gurpatwant Singh Pannu has publicly claimed that AAP has scammed Khalistan supporters around the world to the tune of $6.3 Million. The allegations he made are as follows:

  1. AAP operated crowdfunding accounts in the name of Bindrawale and Khalistan Movement.
  2. The crowd funding was encouraged through social media apps like Facebook, Twitter X, etc.
  3. The Khalistan supporters and NGOs provided assistance of close to $6.3 Million with American supporters being the major contributors to the same.
  4. After the target sum was acquired, the crowdfunding accounts were changed to or transferred to Aam Adami Party.
  5. The AAP used these funds to secure a win in the Punjab elections.
  6. Pannu claims that AAP is now using these funds to further their election goals in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat.

Why did Terrorist Pannu Unmask Kejriwal?

Khalistani separatist organisation Sikhs For Justice's letter supporting AAP goes viral, Pannu says it is fake
PC OpIndia

Both Kejriwal and Pannu are known to harbor anti-Modi sentiments. One is a declared international terrorist and the other is a known domestic nuisance. Terrorist Pannu wants to cleave Punjab and Haryana from India to make Khalistan. Corrupt Kejriwal is silently assisting the domestic terrorists and narcotics gangs in Punjab to ensure that Punjabis and Sikhs never wake from drug-induces delirium.

AAP has been repeatedly accused of Khalistani links. Thus, there is a lingering suspicion in any logical Indians mind that the two may have been in cahoots.

Therefore, is Pannu unmasking AAP’s funding tactics as a warning to Kejriwal? Has the latest stand-off between India and Canada scared the undeclared agenda of AAP in Punjab? Did Kejriwal fail to deliver on his promises to the Khalistani Terrorists and is this video a public backlash? The answers are only known to Kejriwal SADJI and Pannu. The Indian public can only speculate.

Past Allegations of AAP and its Pro-Khalistan Leanings

The white paper by Punjab govt. is just the tip of the iceberg, the troubles are far deep
  1. The 2017 Campaign Controversy: In 2017, a photograph emerged that raised eyebrows and questions. It showed Lakhbir Singh Rode, the nephew of the infamous Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and head of the banned group International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF), campaigning for AAP MLA Harpal Singh Cheema in Punjab. This association sparked concerns about the AAP’s connections with individuals linked to the Khalistan movement.
  2. Kumar Vishwas’ Startling Claim: In 2022, the former AAP leader Kumar Vishwas made a shocking revelation. He claimed that Arvind Kejriwal had once declared that his formula was either to be the CM of Punjab or the first PM of Khalistan. However, Vishwas later retracted his statement as there was no written or video proof of the conversation Kejriwal had with his erstwhile friend.
  3. The Funding Allegations of 2021: In 2021 fresh allegations were cast against the AAP. It was accused of receiving financial support from Pro-Khalistan separatists based in the UK and Canada. The accusations stemmed from a report by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which asserted that the AAP had accepted donations from Khalistan sympathizers. These revelations raised questions about the party’s sources of funding and its potential influence on its policies and decisions.
  4. Khalistani Terror Links: In 2022, the AAP faced another wave of allegations concerning its connections with Pro-Khalistan terrorists. Several individuals linked to Pro-Khalistan extremism were arrested in Punjab. What fueled the controversy was the revelation that some of these arrested individuals had previously interacted with AAP leaders. Thus, this proximity raised concerns about the party leaders mixing with extremists with questionable backgrounds.

In Summary 

AAP is facing the lowest-ever ranking in terms of public image. Its once-celebrated perception of clean politics is smeared with repeated claims of Pro-Khalistan leanings, suspicious fundings, and corruption scams. Gurpatwant Singh Pannu’s claims of AAP scamming Khalistanis extremists abroad to gain funds for Punjab elections has refueled the flames against AAP. Moreover, these allegations cast a shadow over the legitimacy of the AAP’s electoral victory and its political goals for Bharat. However, are these allegations true or baseless? Should Bharat thank Kejriwal of scamming terrorists and extremists of their money? Are Indians grateful to AAP for betraying its supporters to save its skin? And does Kejriwal remains trustworthy in the eyes of Bharat? These questions can only be answered by the people of Bharat in the general elections of 2024.

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