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DMK’s Call to ‘Eradicate Sanatana Dharma’ Leads to Another Controversy

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Recently, Bharat witnessed a deliberate and vicious statement by DMK leader, Udhayanidhi son of CM Stalin of Tamil Nadu, on Sanatana Dharma. Thereafter the nation has witnessed a surge in support of such a deviant mindset that propagates misinformation on the millennia-old civilizational religion. The DMK’s bold call to “eradicate Sanatana Dharma” raises many concerns among true Sanatani in the southern states.

While the hurt Hindus of the state are yet to recover from the hate speech by Udhayanidhi Stalin, the DMK is increasing their rejection of Dharma by driving this fake propaganda at various levels in the state. The DMK has reached a new low by instigating students to participate in their misinformation campaign against Sanatana Dharma in general and Hindus in particular.  

Tamil Nadu College to Host Controversial Speech Competition

A recent incident that brought the anti-Hindu sentiments of the DMK into sharp focus was a speech competition organized by a government college in Thiruvarur. The competition was initially titled “Opposing Sanatana.” The debate was the brainchild of Thiruvarur MLA Poondi K Kalaivanan. Although the college later amended the debate and its title, the point was duly received by the college students. This competition was the MLA’s attempt at echoing the DMK’s narrative against this Dharma in a place of learning. 

This attitude and propaganda are rooted in the Aryan-Dravidian divisive policy of EVR and Karunanidhi. The competition post stated that Sanatani women have been oppressed. Moreover, it stated that this Dharma was forced on the people of the region. Thus, it was an outsider’s religion and not indigenous to the lands of Bharat.

Furthermore, it invited criticism of Sanatani or Hindu practices related to females. Therefore, it was a clear agenda-driven debate that was given a platform at a learning institute.

While the competition was withdrawn on 13 September 2023, the intent of the party has not changed. Who knows how many such moves are being incorporated in Bharat to deny the rise of Dharma?

The Propaganda and the Reality

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DMK’s perspective on Sanatana Dharma and Hindus is driven by propaganda against Brahmins and contrived acceptance of misconceptions and misinformation. Here are some key reasons why their point of view is seen as fake:

1. Misinterpretation of Sanatana Dharma

Primarily, DMK misinterprets Sanatana Dharma on public platforms. This Dharma is a righteous path of life. Hinduism is a part of it. The religion is a diverse and inclusive philosophical tradition of the land. It promotes coexistence and respects individual choice in beliefs and puja. The DMK’s portrayal of it as a force that devalues women and oppresses certain groups is misleading. They are only presenting half-truths to make an emotional connection with the public. 

2. Historical Inaccuracy

DMK’s historical perspective is supremely flawed. They are parroting the Britishers’ version of Hindu and Hindu history. They do not read or investigate texts of the Vedic times that have recorded Sanatana Dharma and its practices in its pure forms. The party chose to spread misinformation by suggesting that women’s rights and other social reforms only emerged after during British Colonial Rule under Dravidian ideology. Historical records show that various reform movements within Hinduism have championed women’s rights. In the Vedic era, the social status of women was distorted due to repeated aggression from invaders. This Dharma is the life philosophy originating in Bharat, it was not a foreign concept to this land.

3. Demonization Instead of Dialogue

Rather than fostering dialogue and understanding, the DMK’s approach of calling for the eradication of Sanatana Dharma promotes division and animosity. Moreover, instigating the youth to preach their party beliefs is a misuse of power by leaders. Furthermore, the debate is directly an act of hate speech. The party and its members want to destroy religious harmony in the region by instigating Hinduphobia.

Thought to Ponder

The DMK’s call to “eradicate Sanatana Dharma” and the recent strategically placed debate in an educational institute is a deliberate attempt to demonize Hindus and their religion. While political parties have the right to express their views, it is crucial to engage in constructive dialogue that does not have roots in agenda or propaganda. Misrepresenting this Dharma to promote the party’s beliefs at educational institutes is the lowest form of political maneuver. Thus, Sanatanis must ponder upon the question, Do they support this mindset by voting for such leaders again? Do they want the dot-dot brigade to lead Bharat into such regressive and oppressive ideas on the religion of 80% of its population? How will they answer this subtle call to war by the DMK members? 

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