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Periyar, Sanatana Dharma And Udhayanidhi Stalin

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The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party has recently found itself embroiled in controversy. Udhayanidhi Stalin made inflammatory remarks regarding Sanatana Dharma. This contentious issue has resurfaced the debate over the DMK’s historical association with anti-Hindu activist EVR Ramaswamy, also known as Periyar. Interestingly, India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, had a different perspective on Periyar, referring to him as ‘lunatic’ due to his anti-Hindu views.

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Nehru’s Opposition To Periyar

In a letter dated November 5, 1957, addressed to Madras Chief Minister Kumaraswami Kamaraj, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru expressed his deep concern about the continuous anti-Brahmin campaign conducted by Periyar. Nehru was unequivocal in his disapproval. He stated, “I find that Ramaswami Naicker is going on saying the same thing again and calling upon people at the right time to start stabbing and killing. What he says can only be said by a criminal or a lunatic.”

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Nehru further emphasized the demoralizing effect of Periyar’s rhetoric on the nation and urged swift action. He suggested that Periyar be placed in a mental asylum for the treatment of his “perverted mind.”

Nehru firmly believed that Periyar’s incitement to violence warranted immediate attention. He stated that the law should not permit such a campaign of incitement to murder.

Periyar’s Agenda And Controversial Actions

Periyar was a staunch advocate of anti-Hinduism and anti-Brahminism, which was reflected in his publications and speeches. He even praised Adolf Hitler and warned Brahmins in Tamil Nadu, drawing parallels with the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany. Periyar’s hatred for Brahmins was so intense that he reportedly encouraged his followers to kill a Brahmin if they encountered one along with a snake on the road.

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Additionally, Periyar propagated false narratives about the Ramayana, maligning Lord Rama. His claims ranged from accusing Lord Rama of being casteist to alleging that he killed and mutilated women. Periyar’s actions included burning pictures of Lord Rama and breaking statues of Lord Ganesha, further inciting religious tensions.

Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Controversial Remarks

Recently, Udhayanidhi Stalin, a prominent member of the DMK, sparked controversy by calling for the eradication of Sanatana Dharma. He made these remarks during a public address, asserting that Sanatana Dharma divides people along caste and religious lines. He also reiterated his stance on social media, stating that uprooting Sanatana Dharma is necessary for upholding humanity and human equality.

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Why The Hatred For Sanatana?!

The controversy surrounding the DMK’s association with anti-Hindu activist Periyar and the recent remarks made by Udhayanidhi Stalin have reignited discussions about the party’s stance on Sanatana Dharma. It is essential to understand the historical context and Nehru’s opposition to Periyar’s divisive rhetoric. The DMK’s current position on this issue raises questions about the party’s commitment to religious harmony and inclusivity in a diverse nation like India. As this debate continues, it is crucial to foster dialogue and understanding among different communities for the betterment of society.

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