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Congress’ Dangerous Game: Fanning the Flames of Division

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Congress is busy celebrating its victory in Telangana after a win in the earlier Karnataka elections. However, its recent electoral losses in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh have exposed its vulnerability to united Hindu votes. Out come the accusations of EVM tampering and the celebration of a pseudo North-South divide in Bharat. Do you notice this perilous narrative that has long been a part of Congress’ political playbook? Their standard practice of regional divisive strategy is now common knowledge to all. Let’s talk about how Congress is Polarizing Bharat!

Divide and Rule: The Congress Legacy

Congress and its ecosystem thrive on discord! For a moment forget about the fact that Congress divided Akhand Bharat on religious lines. Despite this, their policies only pay lip service to United Bharat! Under the guise of ‘Bharat Jodo,’ they practice Bharat Todo!

Look at how they are projecting their win in Telangana! They are pitting the southern communities against the Northern communities of Bharat. Why? For the sake of their political gains!! The BJP’s success under PM Modi has dismantled Congress’ age-old divisive politics. The victory in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan is being deemed as a ‘foolish’ and bigoted approach of the Hindu Heartland. What they deem as the ‘Saffornization of the Cow Belt of India’; is the strength of United Sanatanis of Bharat. As the party finds itself struggling to find a divisive issue to exploit, the losses in these key states have intensified their desperation.

The Ecosystem of Excuses

Congress is not introspecting on how their Appeasement Politics and Eradicate Sanatana Dharma Agenda caused their electoral setbacks. The Congress ecosystem of Excuses has resorted to a dangerous game: Amplifying the North-South Divide.

They are saying that the educated Bharat is choosing Congress, and the illiterate Hindutva zealots are choosing BJP. This is their age-old reconstructed Aryan-Dravidian political divide. It only seeks to inflame regional chauvinism and create rifts among the citizens of Bharat.

Congress brought together Christian pastors from different Churches to support the party in Telangana: Rajdeep Sardesai
PC OpIndia

Their media partners are reciting a narrative of ‘educated’ church priests helping Congress win Telangana. They are already cooking up the excuse of tampered EVMs. Instead of gracefully accepting the public mandate, the Congress leaders and supporters chose to ridicule and insult the people of north India for not voting in their favor. This divisive rhetoric included demeaning references to northern Indians as illiterate, uneducated, poor, backward, Hindi-speaking, and supporters of Hindutva.

BJP’s Unified Vision vs. Congress’ Divisive Politics

Ahead Of 2024, BJP's Slogans Must Voice People's Concerns, Not Triumphalism | OPINION
PC The Quint

The BJP’s victories in 3 states of Hindu Heartland showcase a resounding rejection of Congress’ divisive strategies.

It demonstrated that voters are more inclined toward a collective vision that bridges differences and brings people from various backgrounds together. Let’s look at a few simple questions BJP won the people’s hearts.

  1. Did the BJP help Bharat have better infrastructure in the nation? Yes.
  2. Did BJP ensure Bharat has a stronger Foreign Policy? Yes.
  3. Has the nation progressed? Yes.
  4. Is Bharat given its rightful place on global platforms? Yes.  

Does Congress understand its cause for defeat? Of Course Not! The Congress campaign built on state-wise caste-based census failed to resonate with the people. Recognizing the failure of the caste-census carrot, the Congress ecosystem swiftly pivoted to another divisive narrative; the North vs. South divide. This tactic is aimed at capitalizing regional sentiments by projecting the North as saffronized ‘basic’ zealots and the South as the sensible ‘educated’ seculars. How is this narrative about Bharat Jodo?  

2024 General Elections: The Ultimate Test of Faith

Chattisgarh Elections 2023: Future of United Progressive Alliance and BJP - Modern Diplomacy
PC Modern Diplomacy

As Bharat approaches the crucial 2024 general elections, it is imperative for the public to discern the true intentions of all political parties. While the BJP and its alliance NDA endeavor to unify Bharat and its diverse Sanatani population, the opposition dot-dot brigade is intent on fermenting anti-Hindu sentiments and majority division through caste politics.

Even the recent attempts to celebrate their Telangana victory are also projected as regional supremacy of the South! While Congress divides the nation and insults those who did not vote for them, BJP bows quietly to the mandate of the public. Thus, the Congress ecosystem has unintentionally revealed its true plan! Divide Hindu votes on caste, unite the minorities against BJP, and play up their version of the Aryan-Dravidian ideology to win the southern states. 

In the face of Congress’ dangerous game of fanning the flames of division in Bharat, how will Bharatiyas vote? Will they prioritize unity and inclusivity? Will they understand the divisive nature of Congress? Let all of Bharat prepare well for the 2024 general elections! Bharat Should Cast its Vote, Not ‘Caste’ its Vote! Make the sensible choice! Let the 2-24 general elections be the u;ltimate strength of faith: faith in force of unity! Vande Mataram.

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