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Barack Obama Faces Backlash for Criticizing India’s Treatment of Muslim Minority

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Former US President Barack Obama stirred controversy with his remarks on India’s human rights record. He suggested that the Biden administration should urge the Indian Prime Minister to protect the Muslim minority in India, which has a majority Hindu population. Obama even hinted that India, under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, might face another partition if its approach did not improve.

Barack Obama talks of 'Muslim minorities in India' as PM Modi meets Joe Biden | Latest News India - Hindustan Times
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Hypocrisy Of Obama

It is important to note that while Obama now speaks about protecting the interests of Muslims in India, critics have called attention to his own actions in Muslim-majority countries. During his presidency, Obama oversaw a significant number of drone strikes, surpassing his predecessor George W. Bush. In his first year alone, he authorized 54 drone strikes.

Despite his initial talk of ending wars, the Obama administration conducted airstrikes in several Muslim-majority countries, including Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Pakistan.

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The administration carried out a total of 563 drone strikes, resulting in the deaths of 3,797 people. There were instances where follow-up strikes targeted first responders, violating the guidelines of the 1948 Geneva Conventions.

Muslim Brotherhood

Moreover, the Obama administration took a different approach by warming up to the Muslim Brotherhood during the Arab Spring, particularly in Egypt. This shift in policy departed from the stance of previous US administrations. Obama believed that empowering the Muslim Brotherhood would weaken Al-Qaeda, but this decision has been criticized as a severe case of political naiveté.

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Although the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, gained prominence in Egypt, the Obama administration swiftly changed its stance when protests erupted against President Mohammed Morsi, who was supported by the Muslim Brotherhood. Documents have revealed that the US government funded anti-Morsi activities.

Additionally, the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) can be attributed to factors such as the withdrawal of US troops, failed negotiations with the Iraqi government, and the absence of residual US military presence in Iraq. This created a security vacuum that allowed radical Islamist groups to expand.

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Considering his own track record in Muslim-majority countries, Obama’s comments on India’s human rights record and the protection of minorities have generated controversy.

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