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Jaipur Bomb Blasts: Project 39-A To Save Terrorists

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2008 Jaipur Bomb blasts was a situation of complete chaos. 80 people died in the blast in a series of 9 bomb blasts on 13th May. Along with that, more than 250 people got injured. The responsibility of this terrorist attack was taken by Indian Mujahideen. And the aim was to wage a war against the Kafirs and establish Islamic supremacy.

One must be thinking after these brutal terrorist act, the trials must have given the victims their due justice. But, the story is altogether different. To make a glitch in the system project 39-A was executed.

In the recent verdict of Rajasthan High Court acquits all 4 accused. These accused were earlier given the death penalty.

What Is The Issue?

The four main accused being Mohammad Kaif, Sarvar Aazmi, Salman and Saifurrahman. They were convicted to death sentence by the district court in 2019. Alongside, 8 others were also arrested. Two of them Atif and Sajid got killed in Batla House encounter.  The other two Shadab, Khalid and Sazid fled to Pakistan. But rest three Arif, Yasin and Asaddulaah and Shahabaz got arrested.

Hanuman temple, Choti chaupar, badi chaupar, Johari bazar were targeted in this bomb blast.

Where Is The Real Glitch?

Even after the deaths of so many people and an utter targeted attack on Hindus, why they are not punished. Even though the district court gave death penalty to four, what happened next which changed the course of the justice system?

(p.c.- twitter- @Starboy2079)

The defence team of the terrorists appeals in the High Court against the judgement of the district court. 15 years back ATS had framed 13 people accused of the Jaipur serial bombings, but today nobody is the culprit.

Team of NLU Lawyers Defended Terrorists

According to the Dainik Bhaskar report, a group of Delhi lawyers defended the terrorist of the Jaipur bomb blasts from death penalty. This is a serious allegation and an alarming state for the country. That within our country a group is working to target its own citizens. even so, openly and unabashedly.

This is the project 39-A. to fight the case a team of 18 lawyers came forward. Among the, many are Supreme Court lawyers. Shockingly, this group didn’t even take any fees.

This group of lawyers did everything to fail the investigation of the serial bomb blast.

  • The proof of mail by the Indian Mujahideen was not taken
  • This could not prove that mail was sent by Shahbaz
  • The CD of Shahbaz’s computer was not given for forensic investigation

The lawyer of this project 39-A even said that the prosecution was not able to produce valid evidences therefore, the perpetrators of the blast could not be found.


This heinous serial bomb blast of Jaipur and its trial is a testimony to a corrupt system. Yes, the seeping of urban naxals in the system. And how the ecosystem stands for the Islamists and liberals. This is really astonishing that Rajasthan High Court, being a part of Indian judiciary. As well as, an upholder of justice could acquit the terrorists.

Even the statement made in the judgement says that the investigative team did a shoddy and hazy investigation. Therefore, there was no strong evidence against the accused.

This system failed the justice to its citizens who trusted the government and security agencies and the judiciary.

Note : The facts and information regarding this article is taken from twitter account @Starboy2079 and Dainik Bhaskar’s investigative report.





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