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ASI Survey at Bhojshala, Indore By MP High Court’s Order!

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The Indore High Court’s bench has granted permission for an ASI survey at Bhojshala, located in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh. The announcement was made by advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain.

Truth Of Bhojshala

Bhojshala is a Hindu temple which was dubbed ‘Kamal Maula Masjid’ by the Muslim community. It is now set to undergo a comprehensive scientific survey and excavation under the auspices of the ASI. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the survey will encompass the precincts of Bhojshala and an area extending 50 meters in all directions.

Bhojshala, the temple of Saraswati: From Islamic destruction to British loot
Bhojshala, the temple of Saraswati: From Islamic destruction to British loot | PC OpIndia

The Madhya Pradesh High Court, in its verdict, has emphasized the use of carbon dating methods to determine the age of the structure. Both internal and external structures will be scrutinized. These include walls, pillars, floors, roofs and the sanctum sanctorum. Senior officials from the ASI will be actively involved in the survey process.

ASI To Oversee Bhojshala

The High Court directed an expert committee to vet the report before its presentation. The court required the presence of the Director-General or Additional Director-General of the ASI during the submission. The High Court expects the report to be completed within six weeks. The order also emphasizes the need to include representatives from both communities in the expert committee. This will ensure fairness and transparency.

Crucially, the High Court stresses the importance of conducting the survey without causing any damage to the structures, artifacts, or idols. This approach aims to uncover the true essence and nature of the entire complex.

Hindu organizations are advocating for the installation of a statue of Devi Saraswati within the Bhojshala complex. Bhojshala, initially established as a Mahavidyalaya by King Bhoj. It represents a unique and historical temple dedicated to Devi Saraswati. King Bhoj founded this institution. It was later known as Bhojshala, where scholars from distant lands sought knowledge.

The structure is now known as ‘Kamal Maulana Masjid,’ constructed by Muslim invaders. It still retains traces of its origin as Bhojshala. The pillars adorned with intricate carvings, remnants of the past, speak volumes about the site’s rich Hindu history. Engraved slabs within the mosque depict verses in Sanskrit, shedding light on Lord Vishnu’s Kurmavatara (tortoise incarnation), and offer insights into ancient cultural and grammatical practices.

As the ASI embarks on this journey of discovery, the confluence of history and culture at Bhojshala awaits its revelation, promising to rewrite chapters of our collective past.

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