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The Future of Pakistan

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In a recent interview with Sree Iyer of PG Gurus, geopolitical analyst Aadi Achint unveiled a map which highlighted the future of Pakistan

That Pakistan is in turmoil is in little doubt.

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But the intensity of the problem within Pakistan from issues arising out of religious extremism, sectarianism.

Further, religiously inspired terrorism may literally break Pakistan into several pieces.

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Geopolitical analyst Aadi Achint in a candid conversation with Sree Iyer of PG Gurus highlighted the future of Pakistan via a new map.

In this conversation we can see hear Aadi Achint highlighting the future of Pakistan ten years down the line.

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As per the analyst’s prediction in ten years time Pakistan’s condition will deteriorate further.

A particular point of emphasis that he made was regarding Balochistan, one of the restive provinces of Pakistan.

The analyst highlighted that there are some areas in Balochistan that even the Pakistan army is terrified of going.

This is because the Balochis have established links with Al-Qaeda, Islamic State and other Islamist terror organisations of all hues and shades.

He also highlighted that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will soon become a part of Afghanistan.

He asserted that the Afghan Taliban is already present in that restive region.

They are not just present but are already charging taxes.

One of the reasons, he argues, the Indian Air Force hit Balakot in that province is because of that region being a hub of Islamic terrorism.

This dates back to historical times, particularly in the 18th century.

This point was also made by J Sai Deepak in India, Bharat & Pakistan-The Constitutional Journey of a Sandwiched Civilization

Sindh, according to Aadi Achint, will breakaway from Pakistan because of its civilizational heritage with Bharat.

But one should remember that, according to Achint that Sindh was the site of the first Arab-Islamic invasion of the Indian subcontinent and the potential presence of terror cells.

So, Bharat may not fully integrate it with the union.

But Sindh will be under Bharat’s suzerainty.

As far as the LOC is concerned, Achint argues that with the current trajectory of Pakistan, the LOC may soon go into quarantine.

Further, in a decade’s time he LOC may be ultimately dissolved.

Hence, Bharat must accelerate the decline in the future of Pakistan.

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