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Namaz Namaz Everywhere Not An Iota Of Peace

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Namaz Namaz everywhere, not an iota of peace is a reminder that the Muslim obsession with Namaz is destroying the peace of Bharat

A very strange thing about Islam is the mandatory need to pray or offer Namaz five times a day.

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Any delay or pause in offering is regarded as blasphemy.

That religion doesn’t prioritize humanism or welfare of people, what matters is obsession with unscientific customs and traditions.

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In the light of that a shocking incident has emerged in the country’s eastern state West Bengal.

This incident shows the dangers of appeasment and increasing population of Muslims in this country.

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Incident Decoded

A mob in Naopara railway station in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal is seen destroying railway property & vandalizing it.

The reason-the whistle of train is “disturbing their Namaz”.

A video of the complete incident has been shot. The incident has gone viral on social media.

Destruction of public property is strictly prohibited in Bharat under the Indian Penal Code and in the Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP) chapter present in Part IV of the constitution.

However, these beasts are putting the safety of passengers not only in jeopardy but are showing that what matters to them is their religion first and not country.

The Problem Of Namaz

The global Muslim population has a strange problem, they seem to put their religion and religious duties above everything else.

What is going to happen if you do not offer Namaz once?

Nothing, what matters is whether you a good human being or not, but no, Muslims find it absolutely necessary to offer Namaz anytime, anywhere.

Just see the case of France, 30 passengers enroute to a Jordan bound flight offered Namaz in the airport.

Airport, railway station and other public premises is not the place to offer Namaz. These are properties of the state.

The constitution of Bharat articulates the separation of politics from religion.

But who will make these knuckleheads that you cannot offer Namaz anywhere you feel like.

Clearly Namaz Namaz everywhere, not an iota of peace is destroying West Bengal and Bharat.

This nuisance cannot be allowed to go on.

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