Sunday, July 21, 2024

Javed Miandad Is Stupidness Personified

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Javed Miandad is stupidness personified, while he is a known Islamist his recent controversy highlights that he is an illiterate Madrasa fellow

That Pakistani people and cricket players are born knuckleheads is totally confirmed.

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In fact, for Pakistan and its people what matters is Islam and Sharia. Education, economic development doesn’t matter at all.

Throw some money at that and they will very happy. But they will use that same money to finance their jihadi machinery.

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However, there is something called logic and common sense. Most well educated people on the planet are endowed with it, but not people like Javed Miandad.

He seems to look at every aspect of his life and Pakistan’s nature as Allah’s will.

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But this latest gaffe is enough to overshadow anything that is regarded as outrightly stupid.

Bizarre Logic

In a video message, Javed Miandad is seen remarking that every Hindu that goes to worship at the revered Ram Temple in Ayodhya that is all set to be opened in January of 2024 will come out as a Muslim!

Like seriously?

I mean does he have any clue about the history of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement or for that matter the history of the Babri Masjid and the injustice done to Hindus.

Oh wait, Hindu lives in Pakistan do not matter at all. But for maulana Miandad what matters is not the welfare of his own country but what Bharat is doing.

The height of his stupidity is unfathomable.

But then what more can be expected from Pakistanis in general and Maulana Miandad in particular.

Pakistanis Know Nothing Except Islam

I have no qualms in saying that majority i.e., the lion’s share of Pakistanis know nothing but Islam.

They literally eat sleep and wake up thinking about their deity, scriptures and how to ‘conquer the world and establish a caliphate’.

Hence, Javed Miandad is stupidness personified. He truly represents the intellectually bankrupt population of Pakistan.


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