Sunday, July 14, 2024

Hindu Girls In Pakistan Are Living In Hell

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Hindu girls in Pakistan are living in hell, they are victims of persecution, proselytization, rape & other kinds of atrocious horrors

That Hindus in Pakistan have no rights is an open secret which the liberal brigade refuse to speak about.

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But the extent of suffering and pain Hindu girls and women in Pakistan is unfathomable.

The biggest mistake of any person belonging to a minority community in Pakistan is being born in that despicable country.

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The magnitude of the problem is compounded if you are a girl or a woman.

What makes the matter worse is if you belong to the Hindu or the Christian community.

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The unspeakable horrors that an individual has to endure is spine chilling to say the least. It, therefore, has become necessary to understand the suffering of our Hindu brethren in Pakistan.

Hindu Girls’ Rights do not Matter in Pakistan

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a Hindu girl Reeta Kohli is seen weeping profusely.

The reason behind her wailing-she became a victim of forced conversion at the hands of a Pakistani Muslim and was forcibly married off to her captor.

She managed to flee and petitioned a court of law, but instead of sending Reeta to her parents’ home, the concerned court sent her to a safe house.

The ‘safety’ of the ‘safe house’ is highly questionable.

In the video she is seen pleading to let her go to her parents’ house, but to little avail.

This clearly demonstrates that the lives of Hindu girls and women in Pakistan matter little.

Forced Conversions of Hindu Women

Hindu women are abducted, converted to Islam, raped and even married off to their captors.

In another incident, A 11 year old Hindu girl, hailing from Tando Allahyar under Umerkot district in Pakistan was abducted at gunpoint by a Islamist more than twice her age.

The minor Hindu girl identified as Jiji bheel, a resident of Tando Allahyar village of Sindh province (a notorious region for abduction, rapes and Nikaah after forced conversion of minority Hindu girls) was abducted by a 28 year old Azim Ghumrani.

This clearly demonstrates that the social atmosphere in Pakistan is no longer hospitable for Hindus to live.

Therefore, there is little doubt that Hindu girls in Pakistan are living in hell.

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