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Gujarat University Clash: Foreign Muslims Attack Indian Hindus

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At 10 pm on 16 th March 2024, a foreign Muslim student slapped an Indian Hindu student at the Gujarat University hostel. This unprovoked slap triggered a clash between Muslims and Hindus in the hostel. The altercation resulted in damages to personal and university property. Hostel security personnel filed a complaint with the Gujarat police, leading to the arrest of two individuals.

The incident sparked an immediate media frenzy, with ‘toolkit’ journalists twisting facts to fit a preconceived Soros-preferred narrative. Instead of reporting the truth, they sensationalized the story. The media statement alleges that Foreign Muslims were attacked for performing Namaz. Consequently, portraying Hindus as aggressors in the incident. Mohammed Zubair, known for distorting facts, fueled social media outrage and jumped right into the frenzy. He painted it as another instance of Hindu intolerance. The reality of the clash and the problematic practice of public Namaz were conveniently overlooked. Let’s discuss this!

Truth Behind the Gujarat University Clash

Approximately 300 international students reside in Gujarat University’s hostels. Approximately, 75 of them are housed in Block A. Allegedly, some foreign Muslim students converted a public area into an unauthorized mosque. How?

They wrote ‘Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim’ (In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful) was written on the wall.

This illegal Arabic script scribbling allowed them to perform Namaz multiple times a day in a public space. When questioned by Hindu students and security personnel, an Afghanistani student named Haroon Afghani took matters into his own hands. The video shows that he initiated the violence by slapping a Hindu youth. Consequently, an altercation ensued with vandalism and violence.

Foreign Students At Gujarat University Say They Were Attacked During Prayers, MEA Takes Note; 2 Held - News18
PC News18

Two foreign students, one from Sri Lanka and the other from Kazakhstan, sustained injuries and were hospitalized. Reports state that one of them has been safely released by the hospital after treatment.

Public Namaz Is Not About Religious Beliefs

The Gujarat University clash underscores the Islamist agenda of asserting dominance over other religions. Erecting illegal religious structures like Mazars, Masjids, etc. are a way of shamelessly flexing Islamic identity. Additionally, the use of public spaces for Namaz also serves as a tool to challenge local authority and beleifs. Any rejection of these acts or objection to their ideology is termed as Islamophobia! Therefore, it allows them to push their favored narrative of religious oppression in India and abroad. However, in reality their actions are often aggressive. They pelt stones and claim oppression. They occupy public spaces to provoke a response that will fuel their victimhood narratives. The clash at Gujarat University exemplifies this virulent Islamic tactic.

Foreign Muslim students enjoy the mercy of India to gain education and a chance at a better life. However, they disregarded Indian laws and attacked Hindus in their homeland. Moreover, they stand protected by their brother Indian Muslims and appeasement specialist political parties. Additionally, their actions are being justified by foreign and domestic media. Why? To support Islamic Street Namaz or ‘kabza’ on public spaces? Are they blind to the fact the Public namaz is not about religious beliefs?

Critique and Reflection

While everyone should condemn the violence of the clash, it’s essential to address the root cause.

Why did the clash occur? Illegal use of public space for Namaz and the unprovoked slap an Afghani Muslim student.

Adding fuel to the fire, Mohammed Zubair’s biased portrayal of the incident only serves to stoke communal tensions. He conveniently overlooks the illegal actions of foreign students. Thereafter, he presents the incident as rising intolerance in Hindus of Bharat.

2 arrested for attack on foreign students over namaz in Gujarat University | Latest News India - Hindustan Times
PC Hindustan Times (Two Hindus Have Been Arrested For The Clash)

Unfortunately, support extended by Congress and AIMIM to foreign Muslim students further politicizes the issue. They prefer to side with Muslims over Indians!? Why? Well, they are appeasement specialists at the core. Showing solidarity with Muslims will gain them Muslim votes in the upcoming general elections.

However, the incident at Gujarat University goes beyond religious beliefs. It is about asserting dominance and flouting laws. Thus, the Indian government must take stringent action against those who misuse religious practices to violate laws. Moreover, the police and authorities must make an example of all those who incite communal disharmony. Hindus in Bharat must unite behind the Gujarat University Hindu group. Let the media face up to their whitewashing of the incident. Moreover, let the ‘toolkit’ know that they hold no power of Bharat’s truths.

Irrespective of religion, the law of Bharat must punish all rule breakers. However, these radical Islamists living in Bharat on mercy must be thrown out for their behavior. Let’s hope that justice will prevail in Modi’s Gujarat. Pray for a fair resolution to the clash that will uphold the rule of law.

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