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Bassem Youssef’s Disgusting Mindset

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Bassem Youssef’s disgusting mindset has been exposed by his thoughtless comment on Israel, shows his cringe mentality vis-a-vis Jews

The Israel-Hamas war is dominating global headlines and social media.

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Interestingly, a politically charged incident evokes the creation of humour. In this context, humour takes the form of a political satire.

While comedians around the world are provided ample liberty to poke fun on sensitive issues, yet comedians must remember that there must be a Lakshman Rekha in their funny conduct.

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But an Egyptian comedian seems to have violated that Lakshman Rekha this time while talking on the Israel-Hamas war in the Middle East.

Bassem Youssef’s Controversial Remarks

Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian Arab standup comedian settled in California.

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In an interview with prominent British news anchor Piers Morgan Youssef equated Israel with a “narcissistic psychopath” & equated Israel with ISIS.

What is the reason-that Israel’s retaliatory campaign in Gaza was violating Palestinian rights and leading to the loss of Palestinian lives.

But does Youssef even understand the meaning of “narcissistic psychopath”?

He further went on to hail the so-called “resistance” of the Palestinians and criticised the conduct of the West in not asking Israel to exercise more restraint.

But does this half-witted comedian even know the plight of the Jewish people throughout their history?

Also does he have even the remotest idea of the inhuman nature of ISIS?

Israel has the Right to Defend Itself

When the enemy wants to kill your family, ravage your country and annihilate your ethnic community, what will you do?

Certainly not follow the Gandhian principle of turning the other cheek, right!

You will defend your country even if it means to kill the enemy. Israel is doing exactly that, it is trying to eviscerate the menace called Hamas once and for all.

As for Palestinians, they have over the years supported the actions of Hamas, whereas Israel only wanted to ensure the prosperity of Palestinians.

But no the Palestinians would not have it.

Israel must continue to do what it does best-continue to neutralize terrorists.

Bassem Youssef’s disgusting mindset is symptomatic of a broader Islamic mindset to demonize Israel.

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