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USA’s response to China’s Cuban Base and Global Espionage

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The Chinese and US governments took to the media to denounce claims of a Chinese spy base on Cuban soil(China’s Cuban Base). The governments of both countries blame each other for spreading fake news. Additionally, the Cuban government is also uproariously denying the presence of any spy activities by the Chinese on Cuban land. Three governments claim that the Chinese facility is part of the Cuban-Chinese bilateral arrangement.

China snoops on US from Cuba, US shares drone data with Taiwan - GZERO Media

However, 48 hours after the initial denial, the White House released statements acknowledging the US’s awareness of an operable Chinese intelligence collection facility in Cuba. The denial comes in the face of an awareness that the US government has long acknowledged the presence of this facility. Thus, the Biden administration continues to affirm and deny the activities of this base purely depending on the mood of its US public perception of news. 

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The Biden-Trump Blame Game 

Report: China paying Cuba to establish spy base near US | NewsNation Now - YouTube
PC NewsNation

Sources from the Biden administration claim that they inherited the Chinese Spy Base issue from Trump’s administration. They claim that President Biden views this facility as an issue that threatens national security. The current administration views the presence of this spy base as former President Trump’s fault. Reports indicate that the Biden administration does not take onus for the suspected facility and its activities. Moreover, despite reports of increased expansion of the facility and update of equipment at the suspected spy base; the Biden administration is yet to take any corrective action against the Cuban or Chinese government.  

Furthermore, the US government is aware that China has been establishing similar bases around the world.

Irrespective of the official response, sources state that the US military is aware and deeply concerned about the increasing hostile spying activities by the Chinese. The presence of a suspected spy base 100 miles from Florida with advanced intelligence-gathering equipment is viewed by insiders as a serious security and military hazard.

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Chinese Global Acts of Espionage 

Exclusive: Secret NSA Map Shows China Cyber Attacks on U.S. Targets

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) lays great importance on expanding its overseas logistics and intelligence collection infrastructure. The CCP aims at the greater dominance of the Chinese Military across the world. The PRC is repeatedly accused of overseas espionage attempts under the Ministry of State Security. The Chinese Intelligence Bureau has several front organizations and state-owned enterprises that propagate spying activists through diverse mediums.

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China’s foreign policy shrewdly includes intelligence collection and spying on all countries, irrespective of their status as friends or foes. It strategically employs cyber espionage to access sensitive information through its remote bases. The PRC effectively uses signals intelligence and human intelligence via the Chinese diaspora communities in foreign nations. Reports state that the Chinese government conducts industrial espionage to bolster its own economy.

History lays evidence of the Chinese transnational repression of dissidents on foreign countries; like the Tibetan, Uyghurs, Taiwanese, and the Hong Kong independence movement supporters. Recent reports of oppression of the Falun Gong community members in the US correctly showcase China as a bully. The continued unchecked activities of China display the ostrich syndrome of the collective West towards the PRC. The Biden administration repeatedly whitewashes suspected Chinese activities. This displays their own helplessness in the face of growing Chinese Espionage. Therefore, if the Chinese dragon is left to grow without constraints, it may soon swallow several nations like Taiwan into its belly. And it will do so without remorse or fear of consequences from the world leaders.

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